In-Game shortcut menu revealed for Xbox One in IGN’s Dead Rising 3 video

IGN recently released a new video that showed the beginning 20 minutes of Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One.

We managed to take a peek at the in-game shortcut menu for Kinect, when it accidentally opened during the demo.

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ZodTheRipper1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I lol'd when seeing this. That's what you get from a device that's always listening, I really don't understand why people feel the need for voice commands it so hard to press a button or two? I already felt stupid when trying out Siri.

MrDreadnought1811d ago

I think it is inovative, but I can see the problem with this, you are talking with your mate and for whatever reason you mention Xbox or whatever triggers that stuff, and suddenly you are blinded by this black screen of death magnetic.

nukeitall1811d ago

It could happen, but Kinect One knows if you are facing it or not, and if you are talking.

That means it can determine if you are commanding the Xbox One or not. Maybe they can program a different word instead.

mhunterjr1811d ago

I gotta disagree. Voice commands allow the buttons to be used for other things. I feel stupid trying out Siri, but that's because Siri sucks. But I use Google now all the time. Simply asking "who won the ravens game last night" is unarguably better than taking my gloves off and searching for the answer, manually.

In a game like battlefield, voice commands are instantly less cumbersome than trying to utilize the command wheel.

When it works well, voice commands are a big help. But if you don't like them, you always have the option of not using them.

MizTv1811d ago

The faster it is to get into playing the game the better

aviator1891811d ago

I'm not disagreeing about how you feel about the subject, but I'll just point out a situation in which voice commands would prove useful.
I normally cook a lot in the kitchen when I get home from work. If, say, I am busy in the kitchen or doing something else where I can't really just drop what I'm working on to go over to the controller and press a few buttons to get where I want to, I can simply just say 'xbox, go to y' and bam, I'm there.
If my little brother wants to watch something or play something and I'm busy in the kitchen, I can just say, 'xbox, go to a.'

Honestly, I think it'll be pretty useful for me, depending on the situation. Won't always be of use, but when it will, it'll be pretty convenient.

ChaoticEclipse1811d ago

I think the option to invite friends to your game or accept chat invites without having to go find a place to hide will be nice.

nukeitall1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

It isn't hard to press a button, but it is much faster to just say Xbox On, Xbox Play Vevo.

Or you can look for the remote, turn on the TV, turn on the console, select the app, then start it.

I think I know which one I would take in a heartbeat.

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True_Samurai1811d ago

He probably accidently pressed the new guide button

rocky6196191811d ago

I believe the new guide button takes you back to the dashboard with a single press.

Gridloc1811d ago

One thing I would be concerned about using Kinect is for some reason you use Kinect as your microphone and your stereo for sound, what if someone your playing with says Xbox off. Would your xbox turn off?

BattleTorn1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I'm fairly certain the Xbox has voice recognition - so it'll know who said it.

I asked a Xbox PR guy about what happens when two X1s are in the same room.

And he said that just like how the Xbox knows who's holding which controller - and even which gamertag that person is - the Xbox will distiguish which gamertag is talking as well.

So pretty much, if the Xbox is smart enough to know which gamertag is turning the console on, and holding which controller - it will also know who's saying Xbox off. (and hopefully only allow the active gamertag will be able to give off commands)

The only example of 'friends trolling voice commands' that I can think of is for instance Dead Rising 3, where the game simply reacts to noise, so that can be coming from anyone.

theWB271811d ago

They also stated the X1 gives time to cancel the "Xbox Off" command in case people do what you stated.

BattleTorn1811d ago

"Turning off Xbox One, unless you scream NNnnoOO - in 5 4 3 2 .. "

rainslacker1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Didn't a dev say they tried this over their PA system not to long ago? Or that it was meant as a way to play jokes on their co-workers?

Either way, we'll find out in a couple weeks. You know some people are going to be trying this to see if it works.

BattleTorn1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

The "Xbox invite 'gamertag'" will be immensely useful.

No longer having to open a menu to invite that one friend who's having trouble connecting, over and over again.

Godz Kastro1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I didnt even know about that... cool. I was very interested in the original kinect but for some reason thought they couldnt pull the tech off.

I visited bestbuy one day and they had one set up. I tried it and although it wasnt 100% I thought it was great.

As time passed space constraints and lag issues caused me not to use t as much but one thing I did use was voice... loved it.

I cant imagine how much better it will be this time around with all the new horsepower.

I know MS is catching flak for including it but thats the only way you can guarantee developers success when they program for it.

Loki861811d ago

So now we know voice commands are working, awesome.

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