Why Call Of Duty is increasingly under threat as king of the console shooters

This morning’s round of Call Of Duty: Ghosts reviews saw the series plot a new point in the series’ gently declining critical trajectory, but that’ll mean nothing to the millions that pick up the game today. For many, Call Of Duty turned from product into a pastime long ago.

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allformats1811d ago

Titanfall is Call of Duty's biggest threat. How Ironic that the creators of COD would be threatening to dethrone it....

One can never predict the future.

s8anicslayer1811d ago

The biggest threat to Call of Duty is Call of Duty itself, if Infinity Ward, Treyarch and EA keep thinking it's ok to copy and past the franchise then it will self destruct as it's already happening. Titanfall although it's been getting so much hype really is the same game from the originator of COD (Vince Campenella who's doing it with the other copy and past publisher, EA) as we know today, just doing it with jetpacks and mechs, which only tells us that we are not tired of the "Game" itself just tired of doing it with the same rebranded maps, rebranded weapons and perks.

dark-kyon1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

but,but call of duty is a sport,you can not change the rules o make drastic changes.

_FantasmA_1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

LOL no its not Titanfail. COD's biggest threat is Activision's/Treyarch/Inif inity Ward's refusal to change. That leaves all the other shooters. And I mean all of them like Killzone, Battlefield, Destiny, The Division and all the future shooters, etc. I don't really think there will be a king like COD anymore unless it changes drastically. BF just isn't as popular. It sells well but the general public won't buy it even though they know the game exists. Those people who only play COD(like alot of my friends and coworkers) and nothing else will just stop playing.

TheFallenAngel1810d ago

Lol titanfall? its just like call of duty but with robots. But why this isn't even a surprise? its made by the same guys that made call of duty. I would say battlefield will come out on top this gen.

quaneylfc1810d ago

not sold as much, not going to happen this year

Evil_Abed1811d ago

Wish DICE would make BC3 already. I'll wait for Halo 5 for my single player fps fix. BC3 for multiplayer.

Pintheshadows1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

I want Bad Company 3 as well but EA seems intent on forcing BF to compete directly with CoD which it doesn't need to do as it was superior anyway. I think more people are learning that and leaving CoD in droves.

Also, as a Killzone fan I am looking forward to Shadow Fall.

Best case scenario? People buy KZSF, Titanfall, or BF4 and everyone forgets about CoD.

@Blastoise I totally did and Destiny is another game I definitely want to buy. Thank god that FPS seems to be moving beyond endless modern military games. 3 science fiction shooters in Titanfall, Shadow Fall, and Destiny and they couldn't be more different in terms of gameplay and aesthetics. These games are showing what a bit of creativity can do with the genre. I can't wait to see Far Cry 4 as well.

I also want to add how different the 3 devs making those three games are. Totally different approaches reflected in their games. They seem to have personality which is missing a lot these days.

Blastoise1810d ago

You forgot Destiny, that's gonna be a pretty big deal too

thehobbyist1810d ago

Halo 5 seems like a waste of a game. Remember Halo 4 and they just calling the villain the Diadact without even properly introducing him? I do. It was bullshit and I'd rather spend time with a quality single player FPS like Shadow Warrior's 2013 re-imagining.

wishingW3L1810d ago

people will always want something that feels familiar and that is COD. I don't think the franchise's is gonna die any time soon unless they screw up big time.

UnrealThreats1810d ago

I give COD two or three more games, then it will probably die. They should make the last game with treyarch and infinity ward together. It would make a sexy ass game.

_QQ_1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

BattleFront 3 and TitanFall are COD's biggest threats. Funny how it would be somthing new to dethrone COD, and yeah BattleFront is like new at this point since it has been so long.


@ lopez_josue
%100 agree with you , but you forgot Battlefield 4 , it's starting to get more popular .

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