COD Ghosts Tip: Sentries can be destroyed by knifing

GearNuke: "Call of Duty Ghosts is out today and here’s a tip for all those starting their multiplayer playthrough today. Just like previous Call of Duty games the Sentry Gun makes a comeback in Call of Duty Ghosts in the Assault Strike Package, unlike Black Ops 2 and like games before it, the Sentries this time around can be destroyed just by knifing."

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PlayStation_41811d ago

Sentries could already be destroyed by knife? Don't know about BO2, but the other CoDs did have this

ReZoN1811d ago

They changed it in BO2 and now it's back to the way it was.

iceman6001811d ago ShowReplies(1)
SeraphimBlade1811d ago

Seriously, what is it with CoD and its superknives?

Somebody1811d ago

SeraphimBlade complaining about superknives?