COD Ghosts Tip: Completing Humiliation Field Orders

GearNuke: "Field Orders are a brand new addition in Call of Duty Ghosts that award you a random care package when completed. To get a chance to complete a Field Order, players have to first obtain a briefcase that spawns in certain game modes and then complete it’s condition."

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grahf1832d ago

Here's the TL;DR Version...


Yes, teabagging gets you care packages.

Zancruz1832d ago

But only after you give they your package..... lol

grahf1832d ago

Its just like real life!

TheColonel1830d ago

I've been on Strikezone just now, I got humiliation order and I thought "Oh, well, probably knife will do". And so I knifed the guy, it didn't worked, I teabagged him, it worked, I called in carepackage and got MOAB from it. I'm noob with 30 FPS, but this was my first game with KD 4