COD Ghosts Tip: Use Wiretap during launch month

GearNuke: "Call of Duty Ghosts hit stores today and players who want to get the extra edge on launch will find this tip really useful. Wiretap is a brand new Perk introduced in Call of Duty Ghosts that costs 3 Perk points and is part of the Awareness Perk Class."

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Killjoy30001808d ago

Here's a tip - Avoid this game altogether and pick up Battlefield 4 and/or Killzone Shadowfall.

Ares84HU1808d ago

I got all 3 for PS4...well Killzone and CoD already in my hands. BF4 next week.

famoussasjohn1808d ago

Here's a tip, avoid all stories regarding COD and commenting on them.

Dread1808d ago

Nice tip.

I will be doing this when I get home.

By the way I am playing it on my 360 and its much better than I anticipated. The gameplay is very smooth.
good thing I did not pay attention to all the haters.

Soldierone1808d ago

I'm confused how the comms work. I use the assault perks, and get one, put it down, but only sometimes it actually works. Does someone from a different class have the actual UAV and we need both for it to work?

famoussasjohn1808d ago

When you put it down, it's a slow sweeping UAV, if you get more of them to put down, you'll get a faster sweeping motion, if you get 3 or more, it turns into an advanced UAV.