PSN down for maintenance thurs 8am-3pm pst

Routine PSN maintenance Thurs, 11/7 from 8am-3pm Pacific Time: Log in beforehand to retain online play & app access

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badboy7761808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Big question will the notorious "Down For Maintenance" be long gone on the PS4? Someone Tweet Shuhei Yoshida.

PlayStation_41808d ago

After a year I would imagine it will happen a lot less often, with lots more people now actually paying to use PlayStation Network.

Dark_Overlord1808d ago

FFS always during the main hours over here in the UK >:(

Why not inconvenience every part of the world with peak hours downtime (rotate the times) rather than always the EU >:(

AlexanderNevermind1808d ago

Remember you can log in before maintenance starts in order to stay online.

Dark_Overlord1808d ago

I will :) but its not the point, they ALWAYS do it during EU peak hours >:(

Goro1808d ago

God damn it, just happens to be the only hours i'm available to play that day.

stuna11808d ago


If you the Power of the Cloud is not going to have these same down times you're fooling yourself.

jackanderson19851808d ago

Well Xbox live hasn't had the downtime like this this generation so why would that suddenly change? What we can hope for is now that PSN is a paid for service that the down times will decrease significantly

rainslacker1808d ago

Cloud, at least Azure, has redundancies that can move the workload to different servers should they go down or need maintenance. In this case I would assume maintenance wouldn't be all at the same time.

Xbox Live has had downtime, however it is usually brief. I can't say for sure, but I wouldn't doubt that Live already runs off Azure, as the rest of MS Live products do. I think they are expanding what all live does for next gen though to be more than just a matchmaking server, and it will start actually hosting games and doing other things.

MS are pretty good at software, they've had software upgrading solutions for a while that keep downtime to a minimum.

stuna11807d ago

Please refer to front page as far as Microsoft Azure network for those who disagreed to my comment! Actually I'd settle for Sony maintenance then risk being booted mid match on the Xbox1 quite frequently as they put it.

Why people won't come to terms to the fact that Microsoft has mis-managed the development of the Xbox1 is beyond me! How anyone can anyone defend it, or Microsoft is ludicrous.

Stuntz1808d ago ShowReplies(2)
Lovable1808d ago

LAWL. Sweet time for maintenance since my work is 8-4:30. Hope it's always like that XD

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