Nintendo Has No Plans To "Abandon 3D Or Cease To Make New Propositions In 3D"

GR: Just a few weeks back, Nintendo introduced a 3D-less version of its current line of handhelds to market, leading many to wonder if the company is ultimately planning to phase out the once promising feature in due time. According to Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, 3D will continue to be a focus over at Nintendo despite the introduction of the 2DS.

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BullyMangler1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

lol sony and microsoft competing toward Nintendo while Nintendo does their own thing and still remains on the throne.

so funny

regardless of sales. it is the CONTENT that matters most and Nintendo KEEPS DOMINATING .

not sales lol sales to determine somethings glory?

ha haaa

the 3D effect in the new Zelda for 3DS i heard is superb and proves once again that 3D in gaming is a PLUS <<<

dbjj120881899d ago

I wouldn't call Nintendo's situation a throne at the moment, unless you're only referring to portables. Wii U is on its way to becoming GameCube 2.


The gamecube was secretly the greatest console of it's generation tho

acharlez1899d ago

At this point, the Wii U will be lucky if it goes down in history as the GameCube 2.

-Foxtrot1899d ago

The Gamecube though after a year it launched was worth the purchase in my opinion.

TXIDarkAvenger1899d ago

Gamecube was actually good though...

DarkBlood1899d ago


I wouldn't call Nintendo's Situation a "wiiu on its way to becoming a gamecube2" at the moment.

now i quote one of those phrases: You mad Bro?

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Deividas1899d ago

Thanks for the joke :) Needed a pick me up today.

Studio-YaMi1899d ago

Spoken by the most ignorant Nintendo fanboy on N4G,I still remember the articles from Nintendo fanboy websites that you kept posting on N4G.

I feel sorry for you really.


I for one like the 3d with 3ds

acharlez1899d ago

Yeah, and Super Mario 3D Land wouldn't be anywhere near as amazing without it.

FlyingFoxy1899d ago

Meh, i barely play any games with the 3D turned on for long.. In fact i beat the majority of 3D land with it off.

DarkBlood1899d ago

so did i, i have no vision problems with 3D yet i still didnt see how it would of help me beat the game or tell the difference between objects that i can already do in 2D mode

Dehnus1899d ago

I love 3D on my 3DS, why do people hate it so much actually?

meganick1899d ago

Good question. I think the 3D effect makes the games more immersive and graphically impressive.

Dehnus1898d ago

Indeed, first time I played Kid Icarus Uprising it was really like Kid Icarus on Steroids :). The 3D effect really comes to his own in the second chapter, the weather effects just blast from the screen :D.

eagle211899d ago

Love Nintendo. Period.

meganick1899d ago

In that case, Nintendo should make some 3D Wii U games. I'm sure the system can handle that.

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