Watch and laugh as people play GTA IV online

Videogaming247 writes:

Check this out. These are people racking up Achievements playing Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360. Chaps, the game's not out yet and everyone can see you? Just so you know.

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TrevorPhillips3856d ago

these guys r gonna get it big time

Feihc Retsam3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Create a new local account on your Xbox360 if you just HAVE to play the game early... PLay the GTA IV early release (pirated or official...) until April 29, then start playing again with your regular gamertag.

As much as Microsoft would like to make you think that it will ban your IP address, that's simply not possible, or fair due to multi-user households. So the most extreme action they can take is to discredit your gamertag.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3856d ago

The smart thing to do is just wait untill the game actualy releases.

Cwalat3856d ago

this is the most stupidest thing ever....
what can rockstar do ?

its not the gamers fault they got it early....
if a regular gamer that doesnt know shiet about the date and release suddenly call in at a local store asking if the game has arrived yet gets it earlier then its not his fault... Rockstar... if u sue them for braking the street date then ull get sued for being stupid...

niall773856d ago

that calls for one of these

TrevorPhillips3856d ago

seriously theres just 4days to go and they couldnt wait lol stupid idiots

Hitman_Legend3856d ago

I don't understand as to why its such a federal offense all of a sudden to play a game early if you manage to get a copy early. Can someone please explain this to me...?

BeaArthur3856d ago

Hitman_Legend...everyone knows the rules, and since it was very clear to retailers that they were not supposed to sell it early then how did these people get it? These people probably stole a copy or work at a store and picked one up early or they have a pirated version. Any of those instances is worthy of being banned.

Hitman_Legend3856d ago

BeaArthur, thanks for enlightening me, I forgot about there being a pirated version, and I hadn't realized this was a Halo 3 street date kind of thing.

BeaArthur3856d ago

Hitman_Legend...yeah, no problem. They were very adamant about the release date so it is likely that these people will face some repercussions.

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niall773856d ago

which would be even smarter

Feihc Retsam3856d ago

If you unlock an achievement in a game, your xbox still logs the date that you unlocked it. Once someone decided to re-connect to Xbox Live, it would be seen that they had played the game early. The only way to get away with playing early is by using an alternate account.

The Closing3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Or you just delete your progress before logging back in. Plus I would think they're just looking for people online playing it now. I highly doubt they're going to go back, and check all the achievements after it's been officially released.

LostChild3856d ago

TO: Feihc Retsam
360's don't have an internal clock, so when an achievement is unlock offline, a date is not stamped. Your achievement will be shown unlocked but it doesn't say when it was unlocked. You have to be completely disconnected from online (Not connected to the internet) in order for this to happen.

As for getting in trouble for buying or receiving this game early. There is nothing MS or RockStar can do to you as a customer, if this item was brought legally. The buyer can play this game when he/she feels like it. The issue is between MS/RockStar and the Retailer who sold the game earlier. Retailiers release games early all the time to customers who preordered. This should have been expected. The same thing happen to Halo3 and the samething will happen again when Gears of War2, Metal Gear4 and other high profile games being released later this year.

You're not going to stop a damn from leaking, if you do no stop the wholes that is causing to leak.

TrevorPhillips3856d ago

they would still catch them man they cant run

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