Logitech G700s Mouse Review [VGU]

VGU get their hands on one of Logitech's wireless gaming mice, check out what we thought of it.

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IanVanCheese1812d ago

dat scroll wheel lol, sometimes I just need to scroll through the entire internet in 5 seconds and no other mouse does it for me.

Kleptic1812d ago

weird. Just bought this last night; had a $50 voucher from a keyboard i bought last summer...

at Best Buy it was only $80, so i got it for $30...for that, it was worth it...but for its retail price of $99, i think there are better options around...

works great with bf4, though...the software is fine for what i need. No complaints, but have to say the 'feel' of the device itself...after reading glowing reviews...was a little cheaper than i expected...

Are_The_MaDNess1812d ago

looks good i guess.
but i just cant switch out my Razer Naga Epic just yet.... unless they make a new version with mechanical buttons or something :D

xKugo1812d ago

Bad mouse...
Got the G602 instead

kyon1471812d ago

That scroll wheel is awesome... if you want to browse things quicker than you can register it XD