The Last of Us Single Player DLC Still on Track for December/January, Nathan Drake Mask Unlikely

The Last of Us single player DLC is still on track for the December/January release window, with Naughty Dog “playtesting early code right now.” - PSLS

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Hazmat131811d ago

great to hear! love me some single player action.

jay21811d ago

Cool, looking forwards to it.

ABeastNamedTariq1811d ago

I have a feeling it's going to be chunky. Mmm...

Zefros1811d ago

damn a bit late but i have to play this either way! Last of us, mgs and uncharted are my fav games this gen!

garos821811d ago

No rush naughty dog I'm happy waiting till January in the meantime I'm still enjoying the multiplayer.played quite a lot on interrogations and I've switched back to survivors it's a completely different paced and styled experience.need to re learn playing the patience skill and actually surviving.

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