New Xbox One Promotion in Europe

Pre-Order or buy Xbox One and get FIFA 14, 3 months Xbox Live Gold membership and a €20 gift card code for your Xbox Live account. Customers will receive an email from Microsoft containing promotional codes and usage instructions.

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Crazay1860d ago

I can't say that I'm not more than moderately annoyed that Europe is getting a full real title with their system launch.

come_bom1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

I suspect the Xbox One's preorders in Europe are not very good because Microsoft has quite a few offerings with the X1 in Europe.
Microsoft normally does not offer anything for free.

NoLongerHereCBA1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

The US gets a whole different experience with the Xbox One then we get it Europe (if it is anything close to what it was with the Xbox 360). I would gladly switch Fifa to get that same experience.

Scatpants1860d ago

F U Microsoft. I want a free game too.

hellzsupernova1860d ago

Hang on I thought you get 12 months of live when you buy and Xbox one?

falviousuk1860d ago

Yes your right, you do, just like you get 12 months of ps plus when you buy a PS4

mooseo211860d ago

Unfortunately you do not get a free year of xbox live gold with the purchase of the Day One or standard edition pre-ordered Xbox One. I thought the same at one point due to an article on this site, but researched a bit and this is not the case. The nail in the coffin that you don't get a free year was a response from Xbox Support on Twitter where some one asked this very question only to be told it does not in fact come with a free year of xbox live gold.

falviousuk1859d ago

I know it doesnt, you should have taken my post with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

boribori8311860d ago

Wtf Im in the u.s. , NYC specifically I want free stuff. I payed almost 50$ in tax . give us forza at least for the day one purchasers.

hellzsupernova1860d ago

You do realise that tax is collected by the government not Microsoft?

boribori8311860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Did I say Ms charges the tax lol

jackanderson19851859d ago

even at $550, europeans are still paying on average 90 euro ($121) more than you for your console... could be why europeans are getting the extra stuff... also just to point out this offer isn't for everyone just those lucky ones who receive an email

curtis921860d ago

MS must really be feeling pressured by ps4 in EU.

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