Six Video Games That Were Too Damn Short

UM writes: I get really pissed off when I throw down good money on a new game, and it ends up being less than eight hours long. If your game is eight hours, and it is decent, you get a pass. If your game is UNDER eight hours, it better blow my mind from the first frame to the last, or I will make an evil face, hiss at it, and bring it back (for full refund) to Gamestop. That is the curse of short games. I make sure they get NONE Of my money. Don’t get me wrong, if I buy a used game and it is short, that is not as big of a deal. 20 bucks for six hours is not a horrible exchange rate.

But if I forked over sixty (very hard earned) dollars, the game I am playing better be an 8-10 hour experience or more, or else we are going to have some issues. Now that I laid down those perimeters, here are six games that I felt were WAY too short to garner the sixty dollar price tag. Also, Portal is not on the list because Portal’s damn near perfection and replayability have it in a category all by itself.

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Dante812393d ago

Short and sweet beats long and bloated.

_QQ_2393d ago

you say that as though all long games are bad.

Dante812393d ago

Of course not, it's just that I'd take a short game like Mirror's Edge over a long one like Assassin's Creed 3

Stringerbell2393d ago

While I agree, when you are paying X price for a certain game you want your moneys worth. The titles listed in the article all came out at the 59.99 price. With the exception of Star Fox with inflation it was around 69.99.

_QQ_2393d ago

What a about a 16 hour mirrors edge? with enough extra content to keep it feeling fresh of course.

ifritAlkhemyst2393d ago

Mirrors Edge... was not short. If it was, then you didn't get the full experience. You should have beaten the single player, then 5 starred all of the challenges. Otherwise, you only got half of the experience.

GentlemenRUs2393d ago

I think there needs to be a new pricing point for games below a certain amount in hours of game-time.

E.G. A game which has 4-hours or below story mode should be cheaper then a game which has like 8-12 hours for the current price of a game.

Nerdmaster2392d ago

That's an awful idea. Developers nowadays already create terrible ways to extend a game's life. If they could charge more because of that, every game would be like this. Imagine God of War with RPG-like grinding to level up and be able to beat the boss... Terrible, terrible idea.

DualWielding2393d ago

I agree with this article, can't talk about the specific games that I have not played but with the concept that there is nothing as annoying as short games priced as full length games.

Tiechie2392d ago

Jericho was a very short game. Took me around 6 hours on hard difficulty. Don't get me wrong though, I enjoyed it very much, I love the Clive barker stuff.