This Special White Xbox One Exclusive To Microsoft Launch Teams Can Be Yours For As Low As £720.00

Apparently GamesAid have a very unique item offered through private listing on ebay. This item is none other than the Xbox One White Exclusive Launch Team Commemorative Special Edition.

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Amphion1835d ago

Surprisingly it's less ugly now.

Hayabusa 1171835d ago

I was hoping it would be less ugly, but in all honesty, it looks just as terrible to me.

Goro1835d ago

lol at the disagrees that took your seriously.

hellzsupernova1835d ago

Common guys at least the money is going to charity.

mo2411835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

xbox one will be become charity, will get it's income from donations lol.
will probably never happen micro is filthy rich

edit: I thought you were making fun of microsoft, but the money is actually going to charity. (sorry)

nukeitall1834d ago

Now now, that truly was a steal, because at the time of writing it is going for £ 6700.

Any other takers?

nukeitall1834d ago

Holy f'in f!

It is now going for over £ 130 000!!!

The ebay fees alone could buy you a few Xbox Ones.

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mdluffy1835d ago

So you pay 290 extra for that, is that worth it?

MajorAly1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

No matter how much you pay for Xbox One, the ESRAM will always be there. The bright side is that the money from the auction will go to a charity plus you'll get an exclusive Xbox One that won't be available anywhere ;)


The ESRAM has been noted as the main hurdle by the developers which resulted in lower performance and resolutions I believe.

jackanderson19851835d ago

what has the ESRAM got to do with this?

adorie1835d ago

The ESRAM is inside of the Xbox One, this article is about an Xbox One.

IanVanCheese1835d ago

Troll Hard with a Vengeance is tonight's movie.

christocolus1835d ago

will you stop being so immature and stick to the topic same with your brothers (adorie and hayabusa etc) you guys cant just shut up for a moment and even pretend to be reasonable for you have to troll across every xbx article?...damn

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Sitdown1835d ago

1 year of Xbox live, all first party games, launch games, etc.. it's on the left side if you go into the article.

mdluffy1835d ago

Wow didn't see that, but it's £1,245.00 right now ^^

Sitdown1834d ago

Oh wow... now that's super crazy! And you probably don't have a warranty attached.

GmIsOnPt3601835d ago

I wouldnt pay extra for the look, you can have a custom paint job for that

Saviour1835d ago

1 year of Xbox live, all first party games, launch games, etc.. it's on the left side if you go into the article.

BTBuck11835d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.