Rumor: MS To Offer HD Movie Downloads Via Live?

Rumor has it that Microsoft will begin offering downloadable HD movies later this month. At launch time- rumored to be around Nov. 22-over 1100 hours of video will be available to rent or purchase through an XBOX 360 connected to XBOX Live.

The rumor also mentions that rentals will run $4 for a 24-hour viewing period, with purchases ranging from $10-15, similar to pay per view and iTunes rates.

As the headline states, consider this a rumor for now (SHSIBAE who?), but also keep in mind that all Microsoft rumors have one thing in common: they're always true.

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Cyclonus4460d ago

But how's it gonna work?

A 90min-2hour feature in 720p would be a huge download, several gigs, and streaming isn't an option...MS must have some new ultra-double-secret compression scheme for it, otherwise I don't see it happening.

m234460d ago

that could be cool, plus i am kind of lazy

drewdrakes4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

HAHA in the words of Stephen Colbert, I CALLED IT! Who needs HD formats, digital distribution for the win!! Also, there are many compression formats that will work well, VC-9!

Oh also, you joke, but it could be streamed. I know a company that makes software that makes this possible. They can encode and decode HD on the fly, its quite amazing. Most major broadcasting networks use their software.

Marriot VP4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

you know what, right now....
DVD upscaling for me through VGA....ALL THE WAY

On Notice
1. blu-ray

drewdrakes4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

lol Blu-ray is dead to me, it knows what it did!

Marriot VP4460d ago

drew you are the man for saying that, haha, viva la colbert

power of Green 4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

Maybe you don't download it( if you don't want to). Maybe the 360 becomes a sort of cable set top box. lol

DC RID3R4460d ago

definately a possiblity!

if you have windows player 11, media connect, or windows media center, you can already stream HD content so i guess thats the way MS are gonna drop it!


HyperBear4460d ago

If you have all 3 of them: WMP11, Windows Media Connect and Windows Media Centre 2005. Then you get ultimate streaming process in HD right?. LOL.

Grown Folks Talk4459d ago

wmp 11 replaces the need for windows connect. and with the update it allows streaming content without media center. either way they have been working on this. if you notice the video section under console now has movies and tv listed. plus they still haven't implemented their direct tv setup yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.