'Battlefield 4' stands on shaky ground; DICE has work to do | Examiner

Examiner: "With six years between Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3, DICE assured fans that it would be around the same amount of time before Battlefield 4 came out. Perhaps it was just a tactic to get owners of the game to buy the franchises first ever season pass in Premium, but the fact remains that it wasn't even a year when it leaked that those who pre-ordered Medal of Honor: Warfighter would receive access to the BF4's beta. That said, many fans were a little unsure about the title going into late October, and they rightly did so."

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GmIsOnPt3601808d ago

but 4 out of 5 score with such an ominous heading?

guitarded771808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

It's Examiner... I would expect nothing less.

The Asian guy who writes for them is okay, but just about everyone else is a sensationalist.

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Kamikaze81808d ago

Are you talking about Shui Ta? Because that guy is the epitome of sensationalism.

"‘Mass Effect 4’ publisher discusses PS4 and Xbox One console war"

Who the hell writes like that?

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Pintheshadows1808d ago

@crock7owu10. 'journalism IS sensationalism'.

No, it isn't.

It is just over the years the news media across the board has struggled and in a desperate attempt to keep us interested/reading/watching has adapted into what we now see.

Incidentally what we now have is no longer journalism. It is a vague parody of what it once was filled with agenda and greed. It lacks the ability to take a step back and be objective.

These days most so called 'journalism' doesn't even include facts.

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Kamikaze81808d ago

Also, it's quite simple. The game needs a patch badly, but outside of that it's a fine game. Like the review says, it's kinda shaky right now, DICE has work to do to get it into ideal condition.

venom061808d ago

its still a great game getting great reviews... but like any game thats been coming out here lately, patching are needed... this is nothing really.. same thing happened with GTA 5

Kamikaze81808d ago

Plenty of games launch with little to no difficulties, that's the way it should be.

Feralkitsune1807d ago

Name one multiplayer game in the last however many years that launched with the multiplayer running well.

Allsystemgamer1808d ago

It's been stable for a few days now. It seems they've quickly ironed most of the issues out. They're great developers but nothing ever releases perfect. Gamers these days seem to forget that.

Kamikaze81808d ago

Doesn't need to release perfectly, needs to be playable though. First couple days it was hard to keep playing at all.


Stable on what platform... ??

last night i was playing on the 360, I had to hit rank 10 twice !! after the send time of having my stuff and rank wiped and ranking up again and unlocking the G3... again my stats got set back !!

I gave up after that. not playing again till there is a patch.

Ashby_JC1808d ago

I did have a issue with battlepacks. I opened like 3-4 then they were closed again.

Re-opened and not showing what I unlocked. Doesnt even bother me to much as I am having allot of fun with ALL the maps.

BF3 had a few maps that I hated playing "Tehran Highway" "Op Metro"

I really like all the maps so far. The only one I havent got to play much in Rush is Paracel Storm...the one with the Mcoms on the ship that is halfway in the water. I was like wow this is crazy!!

tommy-cronin1808d ago

Title like that should be a 2.5

Ashby_JC1808d ago

I didnt realize it was a review until about halfway through reading it.

Then see it get a 4/5 smh.

Ashby_JC1808d ago

I havent had to many issues on the 360. I rented the game so I can get used to the maps, weapons etc and be ready for the next gen version.

Hopefully that doesnt have any major game breaking issues in MP. Not interested in SP at all.

The levelution thing...I like it. Maybe it will get better with new maps etc. Once they get feedback from gamers etc.

I look forward to playing I think its called Second Assault...see what they did with maps like Op Metro. For a map that seems to be hated (on the internet) I understand it was the most played!!

As for the title on Shaky ground?? So what does that mean...players going to abandon the series?? IMO there is nothing on consoles that comes close to what you get with BF games.

windblowsagain1808d ago

If BF4 is on shaky ground.

COD is on quicksand and sinking fast.

Looks awful on all consoles.

venom061808d ago

Lord KNOWS thats the truth..