3DS Virtual Console: A Rant

The long and short of it is, Nintendo needs to get its act together with this VC and pronto–it’s one of the few things the company offers that its competitors have no analogue for, aside from Sony’s PSOne Classics selection (which they’ve also royally screwed up if you happen to own a Vita, but that’s beside the point.) Every VC release for SNES games needs to be simultaneously tossed onto 3DS and Wii U, and there need to be a lot more of them per week.

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Xof1812d ago

I couldn't possibly agree more. Well, about Nintendo.

Sony has really done very well with the PS1 classics, even on Vita. Unlike Nintendo where there are innumerable examples, I can really only think of one title conspicuously absent from Sony's digital catalog--Suikoden II.

Where Sony has really dropped the ball--and descended into utter failure--is the PS2 Classics line, and to an even greater extent, PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSN games on the PlayStation 4.