Battlefield or Call of Duty, Sony or Microsoft: who is winning the advertising war?

Critically Sane explores the marketing campaigns of Call of Duty, Battlefield 4, Xbox One and Playstation 4, to determine who's come out on top in recent weeks.

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s1lentone1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

The ps4 ads are pretty awesome soml I'ma say sony.

MasterCornholio1860d ago

They are pretty good.

Nexus 7 2013

J-R1860d ago

During The Walking Dead on AMC this past Sunday I saw an XBox One ad at almost every commercial break. I do not see PS4 ads nearly as often. If we look at the quantity of ads I would have to say XBox One wins.

The ads are very similar. Mostly live action with a message of social interaction with friends and other players. I would have to give the edge to Sony though as that song is stuck in my head right now.

Just 10 more days until next-gen!

XisThatKid1860d ago

Was thinking the same thing while watching Walking (worst episode in the series so far imo) So many X1 commercials it went from none to every commercial break on most shows watched in our house.

FITgamer1860d ago

It must be a regional thing because i see PS4 commercials out the ass. Even during pretty much every NFL game there are PS4 commercials. The first Xbox One ad i saw was during TWD last week and then the second one the following Sunday.

LOGICWINS1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Me too! I saw at least four XB1 ads during TWD and two XB1 game compilation ads during Bar Rescue on Spike. They're good ads, but they should have been doing this since June..or even earlier. Sony has had Youtube ads since Spring and those Greatness Awaits commercials have been playing like mad all summer.

But yeah, Im seeing a big push by MS now. I guess they figure that the hardcore have already made their decision on which console to get, so they might as well start closer to the holiday season to get impulse buys from casuals.

Overall, Sony (so far) has not only the more creative ads and more positive marketing, but the higher frequency of ads as well.

CriticallySane1860d ago

TV ads are expensive. You want to run them as close to possible to release as to have maximum effect on those close to a purchase decision. Before that, you tend to focus on free media (game sites) and advertising vehicles with a much wider scope.

LOGICWINS1860d ago

Correct. Its the advertising thats close to or right after the launch of these consoles that will result in impulse buys from casuals.

Thing is, only the hardcore know that this free media (IGN, Gamespot) exists..and the hardcore made their decisions months ago. Most people will get the idea to buy these consoles from 30 second ads or because they played it at a friends house.

ezop1860d ago

I think over here in the UK i've seen more PS3 adverts than anything else I've seen no PS4 ads & I can only recall seeing 1 XB1 advert so far during sunday's football @ halftime.

WeAreLegion1860d ago

Sony was advertising like crazy. Now, Microsoft is advertising like crazy. Hard to tell.

urwifeminder1860d ago

Have not seen a single commercial by anyone MS,Sony or bf and cod but that's Australia its good not to be spammed.

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