Nintendo sit down, we need to talk about your Wii obsession

Over the past few weeks between press releases that Wii production is shutting down in both Japan and Europe and Iwata’s financial call to investors stating he realizes the reasons why the Wii U is failing, you’d think Nintendo is finally on the right direction to correcting the year-long problem of Wii U failure. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong.

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overlordror1860d ago

Nintendo needs to do a better job of advertising the Wii U if they want to continue to sell Wii SKUs alongside it.

XisThatKid1860d ago

Like I said before I know people and heard many people say that they had no idea the Wii U and Wii were two different entire entities. I've asked people myself and got most of them asking or telling that "Screw X1 or PS4" when Nintendo releases their new console..." or "I'm waiting to see what Nintendo is going to come out with" assuming that Nintendo hasn't announced it's newest "next-gen" console yet not knowing it's already a year in its life. These are general consumers Non and some core gamers alike. Even people ask me if the Wii U is just a controller or pad for the Wii. I think it's greatest flaw is its advertising in U.S. and price.

Stick891860d ago

I personally don't think there is much they can do at this point besides scrap the old Wii (and mini) systems all together. No amount of advertising is going to help, it's too late.

LOL_WUT1860d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the this new Wii model happened to outsell the WiiU during the holidays. Mistakes like these is what's going to leave the WiiU behind in sales. ;)

snitch_puck1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

I know I'm being redundant with my other comments on the other articles like these, but I just can't fathom or just.. just hold my senses as to what they were thinking when releasing the Wii Mini. That sales strategy will not only backfire on the Wii U, but would also be detrimental to the "Wii" name itself. Imagine, a portable yet ultimately stripped down version with a price exceeding that of the current marked price of the old wii? This is worth a thousand facepalms.

strigoi8141860d ago

i think they are more obsessed with the 3DS

SpiralTear1860d ago

I agree. The 3DS is getting great game after great game, while the Wii U is still grabbing for what it can find. 3DS has Pokemon, Luigi's Mansion and Zelda this year, while a lot of the really exciting Wii U games are being pushed to 2014.

It's great to see the 3DS doing well, but it's not the system that needs the most help right now.

JackieCruise691860d ago

I really don't understand why they decided on bringing the Wii mini to America.. I think that was a dumb move, but whatever I guess. :/

ziratul1860d ago

Wii Mini is OK, DUMB move was to remove WiFi (Internet, Virtual Console) from it. That was a horrible move.

strigoi8141860d ago

my guess is that wii mini was originally planned first to come out before wiiU and they are just selling it to whom wants to collect in their game museum lolz

Sincere01211860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

The title should read, Sony fanboys sit down, we need to talk about your obsession with Nintendo and why you are so concerned with a console that you see as "last gen" and crap compared to the Ps4.

If the Wii U is so crap why all the attention and obsession with it? Is it because you have no life or because you need psychiatric help?
Why don't you focus more on Ps4 instead of constantly coming up with doom and gloom articles about a console you apparently have no interest in, so much wasted energy and you sound like parrots all repeating the same things everyday.

We get it, you believe everythin should be about power and graphics and you think that makes you a hardcore gamer.

There are others who I call true gamers who would prefer to have good quality gameplay and games rather than something thats just pretty to look at with no substance.

Grow up and get life. Jeeez.

MightyNoX1860d ago

Hmmmm, maybe I should tackle the Wii U's shortcomings.

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