Avalanche Studios Founder Says BF4 and CoD: Ghosts Mark the End of an Era

Find out what Christofer Sundberg of Avalance Studios had to say about BF4 and CoD: Ghosts.

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GaoomDerek1860d ago

Not a lot of people I know have ever thought about these series actually ending one day but its bound to happen.

dieforgame1860d ago

Long story short , what he ment ; "Just bend them over with a different move and fck em same way again.But because of that different move at first they will enjoy this time."

ritsuka6661860d ago

I’m so damn happy to see this horrible industry obsession going away, Call of Duty is finally dying!

Pintheshadows1860d ago

Cool, now can we get some raw gameplay of Mad Max please.

LightofDarkness1860d ago

I do not like this guy's attitude or approach to gamers. Another money man trying to shake us by the ankles above all else.

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