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GN - "For me, Call of Duty is a guilty pleasure of sorts. In between all the JRPGs and music games I get up to around here I do enjoy the occasional first person shooter, and when I want the best that consoles have to offer, I head for Call of Duty games. With Call of Duty: Ghosts I'm able to scratch that itch I get from time to time, and maybe earn a bit more gamer-cred? Pfft, like that matters."

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HaveAsandwich1810d ago

no frame rate issues mentioned here either......

neocores1810d ago

The frame rate drop is BS i dont trust it at all. I read it only drops when u reach a check point.... Nothing a patch cant fix other then that Multiplayer is amazing for ps4 and i cant wait

CanadianTurtle1810d ago

There's a lot of games where the frame rate drops when you load a check point, it's quite common. As long as games don't do that during actual gun-play, then it's all good.

neocores1810d ago

Yeh i know just fanboys man

ambientFLIER1809d ago

Haven't you heard? Anything anti-ps4 or anti-sony is BS and EVERYTHING negative about MS or the xbox brand is automatically true!!!