Call of Duty: Ghosts releases to a lukewarm reception

Call of Duty: Ghosts, the latest release in the ridiculously popular modern military shooter series, has opened to a noticeably colder critical reception than its predecessors.

The Call of Duty series has been receiving slightly lower average review scores with each release since the original Modern Warfare (disregarding Treyarch’s WWII-themed World at War), and this year’s Ghosts looks set to continue that trend. While the majority of reviewers aren’t necessarily saying Ghosts is a bad game, it’s becoming clear that the series is no longer the critical darling that it once was.

Common complaints include subpar graphics, an overly short campaign, and low player caps in the multiplayer. Above all though, the general consensus seems to be that the game is just another rehash in the series, that adds little of real substance.

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Stsonic1812d ago

2.3 user score at metacritic is hardly lukewarm it's abysmal. Only the "professional" critic are giving this game 8 and above which says a lot about how the $ rules all to this industry.

Chuk51812d ago

metacritic user score means absolutely nothing. But critic fatigue is definitely palpable in these reviews.

Stsonic1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I agree with you it is a completely flawed system but a 2.3? even the 0 score spammers can't account for such low scores.

Rockefellow1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

This is about the game's critical reception, because no one cares about Metacritic user scores. Apparently, you've missed the large amount of critical scores below 8/10 or its comparative figures, but there are quite a few of them at this point in the morning.

Some truly wonderful games have had their user scores tarnished on there from angry fanboys. They aren't to be taken seriously, and no one in their right mind would think user scores have any precedent on the quality of a game.

GarrusVakarian1812d ago

First CoD in a long time to be met with this many mediocre/bad reviews. Maybe CoD is finally in decline......maybe this will force them to change things up. Maybe.

CanadianTurtle1812d ago

Don't get your hopes up buddy. Once Treyarch releases the first Black Ops 3 trailer, that's when the sales will start to rise once again. I don't like it either.

A lot of younger fans of CoD tend to like the Treyarch games much better. Treyarch's CoD games are terrible in my opinion, but they're known to break the mold for CoD and do something a bit different wit the franchise.

I'm sad to say that the sales for CoD will rise once BO3 comes out

venom061812d ago

this is EXACTLY what happens when you dont release a BETA!!!!

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obliterator1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Muwhahahahahaha serves you right COD Http://

phoenix_dusk1812d ago

CoD fatigue. Activision with all their money should've spent more on new IPs instead of yearly CoD releases.

This is still going to sell like hotcakes, I don't think Activision cares at all. But this milking of CoD could be dangerous to the franchise, it could become the next Guitar Hero where everyone move on to the new thing.

CanadianTurtle1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I'm glad they invested in Destiny though. It looks like it's going to be the next big shooter on the market.

pwnsause_returns1812d ago

its going to sell like hot cakes, but its on a downward trend now, it reached its peak a couple of years ago. expect it to sell less than last years iteration

TheFallenAngel1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Played it last night at a midnight launch and good lord the graphics are pathetic. I'm willing to say it looks worse than previous call of duties. the gameplay feels different not as quick and responsive like mw2 or 3. Oh and the bots at regular difficulty are pin point accurate. At veteran they will rape you.

TheFallenAngel1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Ps3 and Xbox 360. If you are playing with squads vs bots its very hard to win. They camp a lot and they shoot you from very far without missing. Literally everyone at GameStop could not get over 20 kills against bots at REGULAR settings. And that's with a squat member. the jungle map looks like if it came out of a PS2 game.

ThatOneGuyThere1812d ago

Ahhhh OK. I play mostly on the PC for FPS. I have MW3 and BLOPS for PS3, and its really hard to look at after playing a PC version of COD. lol im glad PS4 is coming to save people from 500p or whatever theyve been forced to play at. :-D

killercam191812d ago

yeah im sure the graphics got worse....i dont even like cod but i refuse to talk out my ass

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