More Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U screenshots

Check out some new screenshots from Call of Duty: Ghosts on Wii U.

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1upgamer991809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I am sure it will look better running, but I have to say some of the pictures are very muddy, and reminds me of RE4 opening. No I am not trolling. It is just very grey, or washed out looking. Again I am sure my mind will be changed, once I am playing it.

DejectedJeff1809d ago

i think black ops 2 on wii u looked better.
after the meh sales i doubt theyd pour much resources into the wii u version of ghosts

bigbearsack1809d ago

Yeah, this is not looking as good as black ops 2 on wii u. They should of hooked up some DLC from black ops 2.