Microsoft Fixes Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

Update reportedly caused crashing and inoperable machines

A few days ago, we learned that Microsoft would finally be releasing its Fall Dashboard Update, which adds to the Xbox 360 1080p support and other improved features.

Unexpectedly and unfortunately, the update also added a lot of headache and panic for a small percentage of Xbox 360 owners as the new Dashboard crashed consoles and rendered them mostly useless. It seems that it is mostly new or recently refurbished Xbox 360s are the ones affected.

Microsoft quickly acknowledged the problem, saying that an installation code was the cause of the majority of the reported issues. The issue will not affect those who have already downloaded and installed the update, as the bug only appears during installation.

A fixed version of the update is now available from Xbox Live. Those who continue to have issues are advised to contact Xbox support at 1-800-4MY-XBOX.

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Mr Pumblechook4456d ago

In the UK there is always a problems when the dashboard updates come out. Normally 50% of my mates have some problem until its remedied, the good thing is Microsoft do fix it - eventually. But normally its never reported in the press.
Yet this is a service that has been 'successful' for 5 years.

Wait until the PS3 comes out and watch out my fellow x360 fanboys and bias websites report every minor teething problem.

I love my x360 but i hate that so many of the websites are not showing journalistic professionalism. Instead they tend to favour their own favourites. THIS IS NOT JOURNALISM.

TheXgamerLive4456d ago

I do hate liars. Please don't make up stories just to sound interesting.

I don't mind fanboys of any console, it's people who make up things that I don't like. Speak the truth or don't post at all, this isn't just to you eight, it's to any and all who do this crap on here.

malachi234456d ago

But your point is flawed as it's a very small number...and 50% of your mates are either liars or secret PS3 fanboys.

calderra4456d ago

I don't know anyone who's had ANY problem with this update. That's probably a dozen friends with 360s, my girlfriend works at a Gamestop and she hadn't heard of this issue until I mentioned it, and I'm friends with a half-dozen other Gamestop managers... and none of them have heard of it either.

So that's... at least a few dozen people I'm relatively close to... and a few hundred spare cases. With basically no one reporting any issue at all.

Microsoft is REALLY on top of this one. I'm not even sure that it really exists, and they already fixed it.

LuminousAphid4456d ago

Yes, because you haven't heard of anyone you know having the problem, it must not exist, right? If I had been as ignorant as you, my new refurb would be bricked right now. Good going.

frostbite064455d ago

My xbox broke b/c of this update. Those bastards are sending me the damn power brick first too to see if that fixes the problem (which it wont), so ill end up waiting like a month before i get a new xbox