GTA V iFruit Android app not working after update

Product-Reviews writes: After the long and frustrating wait for the GTA V iFruit Android app, you would think it would be a flawless release to make users happy after seeing iOS users enjoy the app for weeks. However, it doesn’t appear to be as straight-forward as that sadly.

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tr00p3r1810d ago

Rockstar should have done better with the Android version.. they had long enough. What have they been doing since the iOS release?

danswayuk1809d ago

Too right, the amount of time we waited after iOS had it ages.

danswayuk1809d ago

At least it has released at last, but could have been better.

Master-H1809d ago

Too little too late, people have already finished the single player and moved on. Thanks to your greed Rockstar i finished it with Chop still shitting all over the damn place.