Slender: The Arrival Review (Strategy Informer)

From "Slender: The Eight Pages was a free game experiment that took the internet by storm last year. Based on the internet-created “myth” of the Slender Man, it was a terrifying little game set in the woods at night where, armed only with a flashlight, you’re tasked with collecting eight notes randomly hidden before the disturbing Slender Man gets you. What made it creepy was that it used a mechanic similar to Amnesia: The Dark Descent where it actually hurt to look at the monster, meaning you were forced to avoid looking at the creature hunting you. Slender Man also never moved when you were looking, instead teleporting around so you never knew where he was coming from. It was a great concept in search of a proper game, and that’s now materialised as Slender: The Arrival. The Steam release is finally upon us, so we thought it was high time we cast our judgement upon it".

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