Cosplayer of the Month | November 2013 Arkham SA

"This month we have the Fabulous Arkham SA as our CotM for November.
Profile: Devin Green and Anre Van Rooyen
Age: 22 and 21
Location: Johannesburg SA
Facebook Page:
Website: a Website is currently under construction

Background: Why did you create Arkham SA and why?

I’ve always loved the Batman Verse and its rouges gallery, The Joker of course being my favourite. I had cosplayed the character a few times before but never taking it as seriously. After Anre and I met and realized we both had a keen interest in the matter we decided to casually dress up for a con. After some success at KIN CON and ICON we realized that people were really beginning to enjoy us and how we portrayed the characters. My father had a passing idea of making a page and I took that up. I guess it was the best way to share our love for the craft and show people who were keen how we went about doing things. It also helps us stay excited and get amped for the projects we take on."

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