BoomTown:UEFA Euro 2008 review

Harry Neary writes:

''Well here we go with the second version of this review – the first being eaten by new relatively new, but now most definitely dead, PC. Thankfully UEFA Euro 2008 is a much more reliable source of entertainment albeit a slightly flawed one.

I'm not going to explore the whys and wherefores of EA choosing to release another football game midway between yearly FIFA updates. You have the choice to buy or not to buy this game, it's as simple as that.

Obviously the game is focussed on this summer's European Championship – so there are no club teams. However Euro 2008 isn't limited to the tournament and its venues itself, you can play through the full qualification campaign too.''

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TheBrit3829d ago

The european box implies that this has some form of co-op mode online.

Can anyone confirm if 2 different boxes can hook up and play captain your country or anything else online or whether the only online mode is the 1 v's 1