Edge- Call Of Duty: Ghosts Review

Edge:Many will be satisfied by the simple existence of a COD game on the day next-gen hardware launches, but this is a missed opportunity nonetheless. The studio that defined the console FPS in the current generation has declined to do the same here. By the time it gets another chance, it may be too late.

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MrZkaar1810d ago

Seen a few 7/10's - Still buying it though for PS4, along with KZSF, BF4. Cod is a great game for when you just want a quick blast.


I'll be good to have three different types of shooters to switch between.

Acquiescence1810d ago

that the CoD franchise has become severely stagnant.

B-radical1810d ago

They are doing COD a favor though.....Next time they know there gonna have to change some of the formula

Pintheshadows1810d ago

One thing they need to do is sit down and think of a good story first instead of big set pieces first. That is the impression I have of Call of Duty since MW2. 4 was awesome as it felt like a film and had good pacing. The more recent ones, not so much.

johny51810d ago

This is the one thing that is really hurting gaming journalism is the fact that most reviewers are paid off to give high scores and that undermines the legitimacy of said reviewers so there's only so much they can lie for a review or else they would loose self respecting subscribers!

bjmartynhak1810d ago

"that precious framerate drops briefly before checkpoints, which are at least placed so that the odd stutter never affects gunplay"

I wonder how much it dips... some games simply freeze during the autosave. If it only goes to 30 fps it is fine.

Pintheshadows1810d ago

In fairness, that problem should have been eliminated entirely by now.

kwyjibo1810d ago

Infinity Ward went south with Modern Warfare 2, it's a shame that critics have only just caught up.

Despite Edge's generally harsh scoring, they had continued on 9/10s for Modern Warfare.

It's Treyarch who are the premier COD studio now, and the have been since the first Black Ops, time to recognise that now.

Benjammin251810d ago

They're both poor developers. COD needs a break. It's as simple as that.