WorthPlaying reviews Persona 3 FES

WorthPlaying reports:

''One of the more frustrating things for RPG fans in the United States is the concept of international editions or final mixes - special improved editions that come out after the title's original release in Japan. Games such as Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts, and Shadow Hearts: Covenant have all received these re-releases … but they've never been seen on U.S. store shelves. These special editions generally include extra features such as new weapons and bosses, but they occasionally contain new plot elements, such as Tidus' return in the international version of Final Fantasy X, or plot segments starring the enemy characters in Shadow Hearts. When Persona 3 was released in the U.S., it was not long after the improved Persona 3 FES had already hit in Japan, and it seemed like American gamers would be getting the short end of the stick once again. Luckily, Atlus heard the demand for this title, and only a scant 10 months after the release of the original game, Persona 3 FES is out for the budget price of $29.99!

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