Call of Duty: Ghosts - Current-Gen vs. Next-Gen

The PS4 goes head-to-head with Xbox 360 & PS3 in an epic graphic showdown. Expect Xbox One to be shown on the 12th of November.

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mistertwoturbo1808d ago

Current gen looks pretty terrible

Walker1808d ago

and next gen looks a little bit better !

minimur121808d ago

I think for the majority of games now, it's more effects improvements rather than it actually looking better.

So rather than it being super pretty, the next gen versions would have more dust/rubble when something falls, and better fog, that shizz

apart from nba 2k14 of course, but that was developed on next gen first, then ported down

mewhy321808d ago

Current and next gen look awefully close on this game. But then I didn't really expect COD Ghosts to push the PS4 very hard anyway.

Wizziokid1808d ago

both look pretty terrible in comparison to other titles, let's be honest.

But it's COD, you don't buy these games expecting graphical powerhouses

mistertwoturbo1808d ago

That's true, both look pretty terrible. Not going to get this anyway, but after all that hoopla over the resolutiongate, at the end of the day it's the same crap different paint job.

DoomeDx1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I remember the days when CoD was a graphical powerhouse.

Cod1, Cod2, Cod4 and CoDWaW had pretty good graphics.

JimmyLmao1808d ago

The PS4 version looks absolutely stunning in 1080p in my opinion.

Evil_Abed1808d ago

You mean stuttering in 1080p

GarrusVakarian1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

That really necessary? You think the PS4 CAN'T handle this game in 1080p 60fps? Or do you think its lazy developing for BOTH consoles? I know what i would put my money on.

The comparison above confirms lazy devs, they hardly look any different.

JimmyLmao1808d ago

watch it again in 1080p on a Full HD monitor ;)

otherwise you won't be able to tell.

and i did say "my opinion"

GarrusVakarian1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

"Stuttering in 1080p".......

Whereas on PS4, BF4 runs at a higher resolution than the X1 AND maintains a higherframrate than the X1. But yeah, lets just ignore that shall we?

MRMagoo1231808d ago

Its a damn bug in certain parts of the game, as you could see in those vids there was no frame drops at all even when there was that big explosion in space, GGJ is just making himself look more and more stupid , just mark as trolling and move along ppl.

The_KELRaTH1808d ago

The stuttering is likely just game code errors - even the PC version is suffering similar issues so likely a problem across the board.

It's difficult to really tell how good the PS4 version is as some of the softness seems to be deliberately added - but personally I preferred the PC clips I've seen.

FamilyGuy1808d ago

lol at least they aren't scared to show the ps4 version.
"stuttering" in 1080p > no show in 720p

Xsilver1808d ago

hmmmm issues that can be fixed with a patch no biggie but can you patch in 1080p :)

Neonridr1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Funny how when the early Wii U ports came in stuttering it was down to the Wii U hardware being weak. But now all of a sudden the same thing happens with an early PS4 game and it's "the developer is lazy and didn't bother to optimize it for the console". Us Wii U owners have been saying that about most 3rd party ports for sometime now, and were constantly ridiculed. Now you see our point..

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slimeybrainboy1808d ago

Jesus Christ. If you think that looks good, your head will probably explode at a next gen Crysis.

bjmartynhak1808d ago

And the PS3 is still worse than the 360. Dat sub-720p.

It looks good, though simple, in 1080p. It is COD after all.
I wonder how it will be in 720p upscaled.

herbs1808d ago

Did you know the 360 can also upscale to 1080p (its funny how Microsoft try to swing this upscaling as some new Xbone feature) although most current gen console games aren't even fully 720p native resolutions especially the call of duty series most have been around 560p.

bjmartynhak1808d ago

Sure. But nothing changes the fact that the PS3 version is inferior to the 360.

What really bothers me is the apologies of the gaming media saying that 1080p to 720p is not that much of a difference.

BigShotSmoov0071808d ago

I'm so glad I cancelled my copy. I had a feeling that this would get worse reviews than other just because it's coming on new consoles. I didn't think they would put much into the game and just sit on the fact that it will look prettier on new hardware. I'm use to seeing COD get 9's and 10's and the fact that it's getting 7's & 8's tells me they need to put this franchise in the freezer for about 2 years and reinvent it. Come up with something new, create a new game engine for gods sake and stop tweaking the same old engine over and over again and start from scratch with it. Just do something new, anything new with the series and try new things. COD is just old, stall and dull now period.

kratoz12091808d ago

Gettin this on ma PS4 :D

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