Call of Duty: Ghosts has very current gen foliage

Call of Duty: Ghosts might be a next gen launch game, but it's got some very current gen physics. Here's a look at the game's foliage,captured on a PlayStation 4. It's terrible.

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B-radical1899d ago

And apparently it's not running steady on next gen consoles......lazy ass devs

Xwow20081899d ago

Your talking about the fps issue? i heard before 5 days there will be day 1 patch to fix the issue(the patch didnt make it for the game coz they were already printing the game).

I may be wrong but we will find out at 15 nov.

mikeslemonade1899d ago

And this is single player.. Gonna be worst on multiplayer.

Both COD and BF look have some very current-gen elements.

wishingW3L1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

they are cross-gen titles after all just like Watch Dogs. They are just last gen ports with slightly higher res and maybe frame-rates (in the case of BF4 at least). That's all.

DoomeDx1899d ago

Yeah..And they have been using that annoying ''breathing sound'' ever since cod 4 :/

porkChop1899d ago

That's because it isn't using a new engine. IW said they're going to continue using the same engine they used on PS3/360. That's why the "next gen" graphics look like crap.

kiz26941899d ago

I still think the game looks leaps and bounds over the current gen versions tho, the IGN comparison shows huge improvements in lighting and textures, but this foliage is disappointing but like porkChop said it is really just a enhanced current gen engine not brand new

HolyDuck1899d ago

Why are people forgetting that this is catering for current and next gen?

This footage is probably on current gen anyway so I don't know what the person is trying to get at.

And yes, I know that next gen CoD will look the same but people expecting something amazing from IW/Treyarch/Activision are sadly mistaken.

Angainor71899d ago

the whole game looks current gen..

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The story is too old to be commented.