Call of Duty: Ghosts reviews point to technical and frame rate issues with the game on PS4

Call of Duty: Ghosts reviews have started rolling out now and along with the current generation version, we have also gotten review for PlayStation 4 version. Unfortunately, these reviews don’t paint the PlayStation 4 version in a positive light. Call of Duty: Ghosts might be 1080p on PlayStation 4 but it is 60 fps on both current generation and next generation systems, so it is disappointing to see the game not holding a steady frame rate.

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Evil_Abed1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

DAT 1080p...? Achieved through shortcuts. Can't maintain steady 60fps. Shocker.

NewMonday1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

EDGE review said that brief drops occur before checkpoints in SP but gunplay isn't affected.

with 720 your stuck all over the game.

camel_toad1812d ago

It's hard to imagine a current gen game like COD causing any form of choking or downgrades on either next gen console - just a sign of bad rushed programming on the devs part.

Battlefield is one thing but COD just doesn't looking anything close to next gen.

Gaming1011812d ago

CoD was bound to have issues with new tech, there must be a day 1 patch, although some sites are saying they only have checkpoint framerate drops which affect virtually nothing, while other sites claim set pieces have them, so who knows.

HelpfulGamer1812d ago

The game not perfect but its 1080p !!! :D

nukeitall1812d ago

I wonder why the choice was to stick with 1080p instead of steady frame rate?

Certainly decreasing the resolution a little wouldn't matter in the whole scheme of things, but frame rate is very jarring.

CoD has always been about that steady and fast frame rate for fluid feel.

bjmartynhak1812d ago

If it is really just before checkpoints it is not a problem.

nypifisel1812d ago

I can't believe how this will blow up yet we haven't even seen ANY XBO footage, that might be an unmitigated disaster for all we know.

Skips1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

So Battlefield 4 on PC crashes every 5 minutes, and now this? lol

Anyways, makes me wonder why we have yet to see any reviews for Ghosts on the Xbone version.

Is there an embargo or something? If there is, I'm guessing it has even more problems on there.

joefrost001812d ago

cause every other website said its more than just checkpoints big events and multiplayer
How do you have framdrops in multiplayer
Not just one site but all of them pretty much that have reviewed the ps4 version
but let me guess MS paid all of them
you take the one that sound the least damaging and post about that one lol

infectedaztec1812d ago

Here's the thing new monday - the complaint EDGE gave was the most flattering by far. Joystiq said for example:

"One specific moment I was able to replicate multiple times on PS4 was a campaign scene that ran smoothly on Xbox 360 and PS3, while the game chugged On PlayStation 4. These frame rate hitches happen throughout the campaign on PS4 and, in a series known for its Hollywood-inspired bombast, it detracted from the experience.”

Based on these, its undeniable that the PS4 is struggling with it. Lets not turn this into a console war because obviously the developer thought they could get away with 1080 on a PS4 and wouldn't risk it on an XB one - that itself states as things stand, the PS4 can lift a heavier load (though how much more remains to be seen).

But this piece should worry both Sony fanboys and Xbots. Are these machines that much of a step up from the current gen?

I wonder if its down to the ancient game engine or developer laziness in general. BF4 looks stunning so why can't the PS4/XB1 handle (in my opinion) a game that has much less going on in it both graphically and scale wise.

nypifisel1812d ago


Enough with the doom and gloom. The engine is crap, even XBO should have been able to run it at 1080p. It seems terribly unoptimized. Neither console should have to struggle with it.

NewMonday1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )


OK lets try this logic for a second..

- what exactly is drop rate on CoD:G that is upsetting? no guesses please just the reported rate.

- BF4 runs is a more complex game that has a better frame rate on the PS4 on top of higher resolution and better AA, so we know CoD is not facing a hardware issue.

FamilyGuy1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

"drops occur before checkpoints in SP"

That sounds like background loading of the next scene, area or event are what's causing the frames to drop. I've seen other game do it where they chug just slightly before a cut-scene but only in the ones where there's no load screen before the cut-scene. I think uncharted 2 did this a few times.

Anyone else know what I'm talking about?
Does cod ghost have load screens before cut-scenes?

Also, maybe their old engine just isn't all that compatible with the next gen consoles? A game that looks as current gen as cod shouldn't be having any issues. I think it might be the engine if it isn't caused by my theory (based on pasted experiences) above.

hazardman1812d ago

I rather 720 with no drops!

black0o1812d ago

correct me if I'm wrong didn't the xbOne had frame drop problems with BF4 more then PS4 which has higher res ...

SCThor1812d ago

Since I don't play any COD campaign, couldn't care less. Gimme steady 1080p 60fps on multiplayer and that's it.

StrangerX1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Poor reviews about frame rate issues with the PS4 version. I guess maybe the decision to leave the Xbox One version at 720p/60fps was the right choice. Plus the Xbox One version has not been reviewed yet.

Ezz20131812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

if ps4 have drops occur before checkpoints in SP and nothing else in whole SP with 1080p native and better gfx
then no problem for who ever buying COD on ps4
at least

but i have to wonder
why we haven't seem Xbox one version reviews yet?!
i wonder what problems xbox version have after IW interview with EDGE and Eurogamer

NewMonday1812d ago

sorry to cut the party short but here is XB1 CoD:G footage,frame drops included..

Ashes2Ashes1812d ago

Actually all the reviews I have read state it is during gunplay when smoke and effects fill the screen. Visually there is hardly a difference between the two. They should have stuck with 720p.

Hayabusa 1171812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Joystick says:

"...The PlayStation 4 version, however, has noticeable technical issues, sometimes slowing to a crawl, particularly during set-piece moments with multiple effects. One specific moment I was able to replicate multiple times on PS4 was a campaign scene that ran smoothly on Xbox 360 and PS3, while the game chugged On PlayStation 4. These frame rate hitches happen throughout the campaign on PS4 and, in a series known for its Hollywood-inspired bombast, it detracted from the experience.”

Giantbomb also backs this up:

"...the PlayStation 4 version has a handful of noticeable dips in its frame rate. This usually seemed to happen when a lot of smoke or other effects were on-screen, but occasionally it occurred in multiplayer for reasons I couldn’t even guess at."

That doesn't sound like it happens just between check points alone, but whatever, let's just take what Edge says as gospel because it suites your defense.

Sitdown1812d ago

How does your posting a link about the Xbox one cut the party short? Still does not take away from the idea that the ps4 has issues. Instead of accepting reality, you try to divert to something else. The ps4 is 50% more powerful why should it be suffering a similiar fate? People on both sides of the fence need to stop being so quick to try to explain everything away...especially when it has to come at the cost of bashing the competition.

Return_of_the_Mack1812d ago

IMO it comes down to devs for the first time working with a closed 1080p platform. Having to optimize these features for these fixed platforms takes time, which there's not a lot of before launch. They can't just turn features on and expect the consumer to split the difference.

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scott1821811d ago

Interesting... People think there are no framerate issues on the X1 version. Did any of you watch the recent video? Boy will you be upset.

1811d ago
JokesOnYou1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Call it Rushed.

Call it Karma.

Call it Vindication.

Call it whatever you like but its clear that not all launch games are created equal, devs like Crytek working hand and hand with micro and 1st party devs like Turn 10 and Guerilla Games for KZ SF have had more time with the consoles plus the in house talent who are actually trying to take advantage of the hardware shows, so they are producing better launch games. This only proves further what I said that COD and BF4 are rushed cash cow products that made no next gen effort they just tacked on aliens a blowing up a sky scraper(sick of that commercial)= "oooh look we made a next gen shooter". lol, 1080p but they can't stay at a consistent 60fps on ps4....and lets remember COD is no graphical beast Yet IW claims both were built from the ground up to take advantage of both platforms, yeah my azz, how could they on dat *old engine I mean if true so why isnt the framerate rock solid on ps4?, same reason X1 is 720p= rushed ports. Now when this sheds a bad light on ps4 it seems folks finally agree COD(BF4 too) are not indicative of either consoles power. lol, folks never learn so quick to rush to judgement, logic be dammed, karma is sweet for those who know better.

black0o1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

@Jokes it's not like the xbone doesn't have this issues as well here's a link for ya:

xbone can't maintain 60f/s with just sub-HD 720p

sure karma is a sweet thing ;)

JokesOnYou1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

lol, Are you serious? Thats a youtube vid that runs at 30fps with no mention of framrate by the author, I cant even see what you're talking about but either way its not a REVIEW. This is no doubt damage control by a fanboy upset over the REVIEWS from big sites noting ps4 framrate issues with a admitted fanboy journalist William Usher quickly picking up the story. Hell maube X1 might have framerate issues, considering IW flawed rushed to market strayegy but this vid however proves nothing. lmfao try harder, thats pretty weak blackoo.

kreate1811d ago

I guess there isn't much of a argument on this one. the developers made some mistakes on the ps4 version.

1080 is beautiful but frame rate drops here and there.

the xbox fanboy team gets 1 point.

AgentSmithPS41811d ago

There's lots of possible reasons for this.
Maybe they spent too much time trying to make the xbone version 1080p and neglected the PS4 since it has more powerful hardware.
There's lots of 'code' in there and for the right price a 'mistake' could be made in the PS4 version, even if it's just enough to create some temporary bad press, etc.

I assume they'll fix most of the problems and hopefully Sony keeps a close eye on them.

AndrewLB1811d ago

Skips- Battlefield 4 runs just find on my PC. 90% of complaints are almost always user error on PC's.

Ausbo1811d ago

here's newmonday trolling again.

Anyways, if cod ghosts is having issues on the ps4, the more powerful console, than you know how lazy the devs were.

Both xbox and ps4 should be easily gettiing to 1080 and 60fps on a game like Ghosts.

Syntax-Error1811d ago

The cry babies wanted 60fps and YOU GOT IT. No matter what, these nerds will complain about everything. The fact that 60FPS and 1080p is an issue is beyond me. If these fools would put more effort into something more useful instead of something so meaningless you'd be surprised of the accomplishment. This shows that they have nothing else going on in their lives and why Hollywood depicts them so negatively. Just some cheese puff eating nerd surrounded by monitors in his parents house oblivious to the real world around him

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thereapersson1812d ago

Nice try at trolling, GGJ. Wonder how long N4G moderators will let your comment slide...

I have been maintaining my stance all through the PS3 generation and now going into the PS4 generation that Call of Duty is the lowest common denominator in shooters, yet if people play it they certainly don't play it for graphical fidelity.

GarrusVakarian1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Well said. I personally see no reason why both next gen consoles can't run this graphically poor title at 1080p and a steady 60fps.

The devs for CoD Ghosts have been extremely lazy in my opinion. 720p on X1?.....not being able to maintain a solid 60fps on the most powerful console? Please, give me a break. Both consoles could achieve 1080p 60fps with ease on this game. Rushed, poorly made Call Of Duty, as usual.

B-radical1812d ago

While doing it in a fanboy/lame manner it is an interesting point he brings up.

Ofcourse it could be due to anything. Nothing a patch cant fix

thereapersson1812d ago

@ Lukas_Japonicus

Yeah, it makes me wonder if IW just couldn't get things up to par? It shows in their outdated engine and game mechanics. Call of Duty is a series that needs to evolve, because it's losing to both Battlefield and the underdog-cum-graphical powerhouse Killzone. Shadowfall makes Call of Duty look like an indie game, and Battlefield wrecks it with it's powerful new engine technology and more versatile game play (Frostbite in 1080+ is amazing).

Infinity Ward needs to get free of Activision, take some time off and work on a new series.

Volkama1812d ago

Infinity Ward did get free of Activision and work on a new series. Respawn, Titanfall.

nypifisel1812d ago

I can, it's called 32mb eSRAM

solidjun51812d ago

They've been letting a lot of his trolling comments slide. Smh

JasonKCK1812d ago

Mods here only let trolling the Xbox slide. If it's about PS it gets removed real quick.

1811d ago
DonnieDarko1811d ago

Good to see that Ms opted for 720p but solid 60fps and no detracting from the experience, Sony have clearly set the agenda which is graphics at all costs will be prioritised even if it means a crap gaming experience.

LordMaim1811d ago

@DonnieDarko: Microsoft didn't do anything. Infinty Ward did. Watch the videos of the Xbox One gameplay, the same framerate drops and hitches happen, and on November 15th you'll have all the same Xbox One reviews, indicating the same issues and worse. You'll have plenty of time before the release of the Xbox One to read them over and reconsider.

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Flutterby1812d ago

Bet you all the money in the world it's a bug fixable with a patch, I wouldn't jump on the hate bandwagon so fast mr troll ggj otherwise you will look a fool later on.

jackanderson19851812d ago

even if it is fixable by a patch it's still pointing to the fact IW rushed the game on the next gen consoles

warczar1811d ago

We really shouldn't be ok with every piece of tech needing some kind of patch just to make the shit work right. It's one thing to get a patch that adds features it's another thing entirely to get a patch to fix something that should have been fixed during testing. I'd say lets boycott these patch happy bastards but apparently consumers love to buy half-finished junk; how else do you explain COD's success?

JustPlay41812d ago

It runs like sh!t on PC tones of bugs and other problems I say it the game

Statix1812d ago

Industry insider Thuway already leaked this tidbit weeks ago.

Basically, both the Xbox One and PS4 versions are currently suffering from framerate issues, and Infinity Ward are trying to iron them out before launch.

Not surprising, considering the game runs terribly on even high-end PC hardware. Seems like a very badly optimized game.

come_bom1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I find all of this funny as hell. LOL.

Cuzzo631812d ago ShowReplies(3)
Aceman181812d ago

IW should have coded it better, games don't have good resolution and good fps by magic.

they should have optimized it better.

andibandit1812d ago

I guess they had to pour their ressources into that fish ai

PS4OUR1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

No duh!! Activision developer has stated they spread themselves thin trying to launch this game on so many platforms.

It plays like crap on PC even and then there's the rediculous system requirements (780 GTX?? For WHAT??? lol). This is not a hardware issue but an issue with the game itself.

I'm almost to the point of tears in laughter that so many XBox fans came out to dump on the PS4 when the problems run across all of PS4, PC and Xbox One. Comedy Gold.

Aceman181812d ago

really you wasted the one bub for that? come on dude you know damn well IW did not optimize this game correctly on any platform which is no surprise really.

Statix1812d ago

The game has framerate issues on both Xbox One AND PS4.

As leaked by industry insider Thuway several weeks ago:

grimmweisse1811d ago

It is running like trash on all platforms. A 50gb install for a completely unoptimized dog mess. TB has has dual titans and it still performs like rubbish, it tells you of the rushed mess that Activision has put out.

Infinity Ward by name only, not talent.

ziggurcat1811d ago

bu-bu-but that poorly optimized code that has the same frame drops on xbone!

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solar1812d ago

Supercharged Tablet CPU

frostypants1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Not surprised. This game was developed by arguably the worst AAA development team in the industry. Infinity Ward hasn't made a good CoD game since Modern Warfare. Treyarch is the A-team now...but frankly, the CoD IP is dead to me. This game uses the same crappy 10-year old engine as the last-gen games. It's fugly.

Let's be honest here, too...this isn't going to change anyone's mind as to which console to buy.

Jeedai Infidel1812d ago

But it might change minds as to which shooter to buy ;-)

dale_denton1812d ago

it's the devs not the hardware.. look at killzone with that steady 60fps

PS4OUR1812d ago


No No No. You are not allowed to talk common sense. Please refrain from using logic.

PS4OUR1812d ago

No No No. You are not allowed to talk common sense.
Please refrain from using logic. Thank you.

Gamingskills1812d ago

Sorry But Killzone is not a steady 60 fps.Do your research B4 speaking of another game that has nothing to do with this thread!

JOLLY11811d ago

Yeah, both Consoles have games that run native 1080p with 60 FPS. This is more a dev thing and less a hardware thing.

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deecee331812d ago

Dude, if set pieces and scripted events in single player are the only real hiccups, great. I couldn't care less. If I even get the game I'll play the SP for like an hour to get the hang of the controls and then get on MP. Ain't nobody got time for that SP sh*t haha.

GraveLord1812d ago

I'd love to hear your comments on the Xbox One version one the embargo lifts :)

Stick891812d ago

When does the embargo lift, anyone know?

LordMaim1811d ago

It ends November 15th, on PS4 launch day. Where we'll no doubt find out that it's even worse.