MP1st | Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Review – A “Levolution” In FPS Gaming, Or Just Battlefield 3.5?

MP1st - Stockholm-based video game developers Digital Illusion Creative Entertainment must have known they were in for a bit of a tough time when they set out to follow up 2011′s Battlefield 3 with a direct and proper sequel, rather than a series of experimental spin-offs which the studio’s history indicated might have been the case.

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TOGC1810d ago

Honestly, the only thing I have noticed is that the graphics look a bit better compared to bf3.

Hufandpuf1810d ago

Just about everything in BF4 is better than BF3. The only thing BF3 has is more modes and maps, but BF4 just brings the fun back onto consoles like BFBC2. Small towns can be leveled and the gunplay is top notch. Also none of the levels are bad. Each one of them plays great.

tyrant441809d ago

So damn right man, even if many things from BF3 are re-used in BF4 they all got better and all changed, plus the new stuff.
When you make a sequel to a game, do you throw all of the previous one out and start from scratch or keep the good things and ad some new things?

The vanilla maps on BF4 are so varied and well designed that it offers all the things that the entire BF3 + DLC's offered.

The BF4 DLC's will blow everything up!