Call of Duty Ghosts FOV, No Sound, DirectX Issue, Crashes, Freezes, Fatal Errors and Fixes

Guide4GameS: Fixing all Call of Duty Ghosts PC Random Crashes, Freezes, Fatal Errors, Mouse Issues, Textures Problem and Fixes

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xKugo1810d ago

Can you say broken?? I mean seriously, everything wrong with a game seems to be going on in PC version of Ghosts. How do you release a game THAT broken at launch??

Grap1809d ago

Terribly optimized game. no game in present day require 6GB of ram works well, i suspected this will be happening.

Pintheshadows1809d ago

It is so bad on PC. Unbelievably bad. Rome 2 launch bad with more crashes and frame rate issues. Yeah, that bad. It has crashed to desktop 3 times and frozen up 4 times. It drops frames all over the place and the sound started desyncing earlier. All this on a PC that will max out Last Light.

Enemy1809d ago

Game seems broken on every platform you play it on.

princejb1341809d ago

I think they copied and paste black ops2 bugs also . This are the same things that happened when I bought the game last year

mistertwoturbo1809d ago

Um this is just a list of fixes for known problems. It's not like it has EVERY SINGLE one of those problems, just different ones for different people with different machines.

FYI these type of lists come out for ALL PC GAMES, not just COD.

It's part of why people don't like PC gaming.

xKugo1809d ago

It does have these problems. That's why there's an article about them; sure there are fixes for them(maybe) but they're there nonetheless. And this has nothing to do with PC gaming, but it does have everything to do with IW releasing on broken game. Not the hardware's fault. Same with the next-gen consoles, crap frame-rates, dips and stuff has nothing to do with the hardware itself. That's a software issue.

mistertwoturbo1809d ago

I'm not saying it doesn't, I'm saying this is very typical for PC games.

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Aceman181809d ago

i am total baffled by this, i think if this game wasnt ready IW should have delayed it for all platforms until they were optimized correctly.

Plagasx1809d ago

Terribly optimized game. Stuttering mess. I have a good PC too.

Pintheshadows1809d ago

I am having the same problem, good PC, terrible performance.

the worst1809d ago

the PC is trash overrated crap just like battlefield 4

Pintheshadows1809d ago

I find it amazing that you come onto the internet, track down articles like this which you have no interest in, and decide to leave such an unimaginative comment.

Could you at least try? And if this is you trying then there is no hope left for you. I'm sorry.

IRON883 1809d ago

Battlefield 4 is so much better then ghosts

Ju1809d ago

Oh...let me have a LOL here real quick [ ... and out. runs ducking ]

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