Call Of Duty: Ghosts represents everything that is wrong in the games industry

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Call Of Duty, as the most valuable franchise in an emerging art form, has a responsibility to further the industry's development. And it can't do that as long as the overwhelming bulk of the media coverage and chatter about the game is focused on its technical merits and not its creative weaknesses."

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WolfOfDarknesss1833d ago

Still it's the best selling video game franchise in the history of gaming .

MattS1833d ago

That's kinda the point of the article, dude :P

TomShoe1833d ago

It's because big name titles like Call of Duty are killing any kind of innovation in the industy. It's really all about appealing to the lowest common denominator to get more money. Just look at the games on next-gen, they're all shockingly similar.

Killzone? Futuristic Call of Duty.

Titanfall? Call of Duty with Mechs.

Destiny? Call of Duty in space.

Halo 5? Don't even get me started.

If this continues, it's going to strangle any creative innovation the games industry has. It's going to be "Same Sh*t, Different Name," year after year after year.

BldyShdw1833d ago

According to wikipedia (taken with a grain of salt) there are a few higher selling franchises.

ZBlacktt1833d ago

I was going to post/say nothing touches Mario.

bageara1833d ago


So what your saying is any FPS is just CoD in a different package ?

MrSwankSinatra1833d ago

umm no its not mario is the best selling video game franchise.

WolfOfDarknesss1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

I want to make correction "Still it's the best selling FPS video game franchise in the history of gaming "

Sorry for the previous mistake !

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neogeo1833d ago


"In film criticism there are no paragraphs on what camera was used to shoot the film, and certainly no "wars" between different camera types (though there's elements of that in the publications aimed at filmmakers rather than audiences)."

We always chat about what camera was used. What rock have you been under? The red one? High frame rate cameras, Imax. Special effects. Movie's get the same treatment as games do. Bottom line is people want the best Audio and visual.

Blacktric1833d ago

"Bottom line is people want the best Audio and visual."

Are you talking about people who actually like watching movies or the ones who throw their cash at the screen whenever a new Transformers movie comes out? Because there is a big difference between those two.

xReDeMpTiOnx1833d ago

Wouldn't say so much it's the devs fault it's more of the gamers fault with the media and other devs that follow.

Cod is doing what the right thing by giving fans what they want year after year for the most part no matter how copy and pasted it is. Where as when other des try to follow suit they end up ruining the creativity of their own game in hopes to gain cod fans and people start to complain that they did this and that.

Ethier way it's looked at people will cry wheter cod changes or does the same thing every year some people just having crying coded into their DNA

Imonaboat11833d ago

It should be American gamers is everything wrong in the gaming industry. If they keep on buying garbage shooters like Call of Duty, the game industry will be filled with Call of duty clones. Seriously look at what happened to Resident evil. It's really sad that there are amazing creative games that aren't getting what they deserve.

johny51833d ago

British people are the second most numerous buyers of COD in the world so before you spew hypocritical comments think first!

The parents over there are no better then there US counterparts when little Timmy wants Call of Duty for Christmas!

MrSwankSinatra1833d ago

really so america ruined resident evil even though every iteration has sold the most in america. you're a dumbass shut up

quaneylfc1833d ago

biased articles like this represent everything that is wrong with doppelgangers in the games industry. just a copy and paste opinion that tries to be instituted as a fact.

MattS1833d ago

Actually the article is marked clearly as "opinion" and follows the structure and rules of an editorial.

It's not really my fault if you don't understand the difference between editorial and factual reporting.