PS4 and Xbox One Launch: You may not need to buy them yet

onPause writes:

With the PS4 and the Xbox One making their way to store shelves and Amazon warehouses as we speak, I wanted to ask the question one last time. Do we need to buy a PS4? Do we need to keep the Xbox One pre-order? And for the crazy ones, do we need to buy both consoles at launch?

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Kingthrash3601810d ago

why?...u gunna get me 1?
lol man i dont know about u ...but im ready.

mcroddi1810d ago

I'm ready too but that's a lot of money for a few games.

Hicken1810d ago

Then you can wait like everybody else who waits every generation.

My goodness, it's as if there's some sort of stigma against waiting to buy, and so you're trying to create one against buying on launch.

If there aren't enough games or features or whatever for you liking right now, that's fine. Feel free to wait.

But the people who still have their preorders are almost definitely those who have seen enough of what they like that they're willing to put down the cash to take these consoles home at launch.

It's one thing to have an article saying buy this product, or get this one over the competition. But there's something... wrong about articles that say, "Hey, don't get anything!"

ShinMaster1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

On PS4, you don't even have to worry about buying games at launch to enjoy the console.

If money is tight, there are several free to play games and even more free games and discounts if you have PS Plus. So you can save your money until more retail games come out that appeal to you.

Sevir1810d ago

Totally taking the Plunge... Launch games aren't why you buy consoles... It's for the software coming down the line... In anycase it's pretty cool since The only launch games I'm really excited about is Killzone and Resogun. I'll also pick up Knack and Injustice:GAU.

that's good enough to get me through till Infamous:SS, Driveclub, Deep Down Beta, Destiny Beta, and Watch_Dogs

svoulis1810d ago

My body is ready I cant wait

DivineAssault 1810d ago

maybe we dont NEED to buy them but we WANT to buy them.. I dont care how long it takes for services to be in full effect or waiting a little while for exclusives to release, im buying my PS4 DAY 1 PERIOD! i only get 3 days off a week & work 4 12hr days so ill be fine with 2 launch titles for a good month or more before i start downloading the slew of nice indie titles they have brewing.. Then i can buy some more AAA titles when i finish those.. I doubt ill be waiting much for games to release like im doing with the wii u.. I havent played it since launch month last yr lol but they have some exclusives im getting this yr...
PSV + PS4 = me being the happiest man on earth in 11 more days

Godmars2901810d ago

Think at this point the "ship now and incomplete, patch later" mentality the industry has taken on *really* needs to be addressed. Its a complete contradiction to the instant gratification attitude that's also taken hold which is also being exploited by dev only looking to manipulate Metacritic reviews to get their bonuses while selling broken games.

Run_bare1810d ago

PS4 is a next console purchase in 2014, i will wait until The Evil Within, Wolfenstein and Destiny to be release.

Killzone Shadow Fall looks fantastic, but that's only 1 game this side of Christmas that i am interested.

Until then, PS3 still got Dark Soul 2 and Castlevania 2 before move to Next Gen.

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