Why I Still Want A Dead Space 4

Justin from Pixel Gate writes:

I’m a big fan of the Dead Space series, but it’s obvious to say that Dead Space 3 was by far the weakest of the series and made quite a bit of us disappointed upon playing it. To see this beloved horror franchise go to a more action oriented experience really made me sad, and kind of made the experience less than desirable. I enjoyed the game, just not as much as I would of liked to.

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FunAndGun1870d ago

If it is like the first Dead Space then great, if not, I am not interested.

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showtimefolks1870d ago

i drive a cab in new orleans and picked up a developer who works foir EA and worked DS series, he asked me what i was playing and topic came up of how DS series replaced resident evil. and than the 3rd went the wrong direction. He said the team didn't want to go that route but the marketing/PR people at EA wanted DS3 to be like that

he pretty much told me the culture over at EA mostly comes down to PR department getting what they want.

and its truly sad because DS1-2 were awesome games and to some extinct DS3 is also pretty good.

he and i both agreed though that media and gamers made an issue out of the fact you could buy stuff in DS3 to not have to grind. I don't know why people complain, its not like EA forced anyone to spend any money. Just play the game and earn everything the hard way, and if someone wants to have unlimited ammo or better guns let them pay

sonicsidewinder1870d ago

Do you play Crazy Taxi, irl?

plmkoh1870d ago

" the fact you could buy stuff in DS3 to not have to grind. I don't know why people complain,"

I agree, played the game on solo hard, my upgrades got really really ridiculous at the end with all those +3 upgrades. Why do you need to buy those DLC if you can just spam scavenger bots, you get plenty of resources.

showtimefolks1870d ago

that's my thing with micro transactions, no one is forcing us to buy anything. Some of us rather spend $10 extra bucks, if it means less grinding and more fun

as a gamer for over 20 years i have learned to live with the fact gamers will always cry about something. Pleasing us isn't easy

Roccetarius1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

By giving in to Microtransactions, you're only contributing to the problem. Companies look at the people spending money on it, and it becomes more compromising to the game itself.

Anyways, DS3 was a far cry from its roots, and i saw that long before released.

Sovereign591870d ago

Despite it not being anywhere near as eerie as the first game, which the second was not either, if you've played it, you can't rightfully say that Dead Space 3 wasn't a solid experience.
The controls and shooting worked well, the visuals were beautiful, and the story was pleasantly lengthier than expected.

People blew the human enemies and microtransactions out of proportion before the game was even released. In the final product, you encounter human enemies maybe 3 times in the entire campaign, and the microtransactions are completely unnecessary to purchase, you find more than enough resources just scavenging round throughout the game. There was nothing to warrant a complaint there.

TedCruzsTaint1870d ago

I really enjoyed the third game.
Pacing was off, but it was a great game all things said and done.

Manio311870d ago

Thank you!

I stand by my opinion in the article that Dead Space 3 was still a great game. The co-op was such a blast too. Didn't use any of the microtransactions as I didn't need too.

-Foxtrot1870d ago

The third one was crap for what it's supposed to be, you can judge it on the game it was fine but as a Dead Space game it failed simple as. If the franchise continues then it will go the same way Resident Evil did with RE6.

The shooting was bad because of how action like it was, plus you could roll. What the hell was this supposed to be Gears of Lost Planet

The human enemies were there a bit more then just 3 times

The necromorph designs were awful and looked bland

The story was lengthy but it ruined the overall story because of how silly it got, they added way too many characters aswell and the whole lovey dovey stuff between Isaac and Ellie was not need. Not to mention the horrible character of Caver.

Fact is if you want that crap in a game then wish for EA to create a new franchise built up around those things...not ruin one in the process.

phntom1870d ago

That Dead Space 3 ending, Jesus... I thought I was watching DBZ instead of playing a horror game.

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