Homeless - PS3 owners still begging for change

With Sony's announcement this week that their highly touted and incredibly hyped social online service "Home" has been delayed, many PS3 owners are finding themselves with mixed reactions. While there is a good bit of anger steaming from many message boards, there is an almost equal amount of gamers that are willing to wait for what Sony has promised would be a revolutionary service unlike any other. A service like HOME has never been tried before on a home console, and perhaps there's a good reason why.

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THC CELL3925d ago

I dont no why they dont just let us have home and update it every week or day
how hard can that be

I mean it is almost done so why not
I would sit happy updating every day instead of waiting a few more months

pwnsause3925d ago

its not done. you should of seen test night. it was a nightmare.

ravinshield3924d ago


xhi43925d ago

its coming out Fall of 08

what the f*** is everyones problem, get over it, its a virtual fu**** world, just relax put some pants on and live your life until then.

Its not that big of a deal, when it comes out itll come out and itll rock your world.

Imagine if GTA IV had come out last multiplayer and bad graphics............jeez patience guys patience.

when it comes out, then we can call it a flop or not.

Drekken3925d ago

but, but, but...

I want to dress up and show everyone my tropheys, its the only way I can even really get the word out about my hunormous epeen!!! /s

lol... I dont get why you are getting disagrees. If they released home early and it was not ready, I think people would be more upset then having to wait. Same goes with all the games, first impressions are lasting.

EZCheez3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Was releasing info over a year ago and giving a release date of October 10, 2007. I've reached the point to where I don't even care anymore. But seriously, what genius thought it would actually be ready in October of last year?

Delays are no big deal when received in a timely fashion and as long as they aren't too ridiculous. What Sony has done by leading people on to the last minute and then announcing a delay of it until the next season TWICE. That's ridiculous.

Shrug it off as much as you want. It doesn't matter whether you care or not. What matters is the way Sony has treated the entire situation so nonchalantly. That's why people are upset.

It wouldn't really matter what the product was. Anything that went through this kind of press cycle would be looked on harshly.

theKiller3925d ago

HOME 2008 fall
killzone 2 2009 spring!!
well then i will be getting resistance 2!
its not so good to delay things so much because i have a feeling ps3 will be modded this year and sales will be effected if games come after it!

gw4k3925d ago

I think home is a great idea and to be honest, I am a little steamed it has been delayed.....again! I think Sony knew it wasn't going to be ready any time soon but why not build up the hype machine. Heck, they need it right now. They need something to bring in buyers.

I only problem is this....

When Home is released, it better be complete. It better have all the features working. I don't want to download Home and have Sony say, in Home game launching is in the works, or that you can not display your trophies, etc.

Sony has a great way of releasing things without them being complete. Heck it has been over a year and we are still waiting for in game XMA (or whatever).

All I ask is that Sony deliver on something! It is about time!

Mr Marbles3925d ago

When Home was announced, I said that it would not be coming out when Sony said it would, it would be out in mid to late 2009 I believe I said.

I also said when it does come out it would be only half as great as Sony promised because Sony is a hype machine, and you cannot make a service to match XBL for free.

Everyone called me a troll and a fanboy and told me to go crawl in a hole and die.

But so far it looks like I was right. So why do we hate anyone who points out Sonys BS even when they are right in what they are calling Sony on? Obviously I was not just some stupid fanboy.

beavis4play3925d ago

people hate on you because you are a troll.(i don't mean that offensively, just factually) you only want to point out sony shortcomings and ignore the many microsoft gaffs. when you acknowledge and discuss both companies successes and mistakes in a fair and rational manner, people will take you more seriously and give a little more respect....until then; sorry, you're just a ms troll.

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The Closing3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

I could do without home ever being released.

edit: @The dOOd below: I did read, and I much like most of the article I chose to talk about home. Go away.

TresTrendu3925d ago

I agree, Sony has promised the world but has failed to deliver yet. And for the dood above you didn't even read the article did you. It talks about voice chat and messaging. There is alot of things the ps3 lacks for a online community that other console's have and has had for 5 years or so now. That's why every multi platform get's bought on my 360 plain and simple.

SL1M DADDY3925d ago

I could live without Home. It's like icing on the cake. When it gets here it will be cool to have but if it never hits, I will enjoy what Sony has given us thus far. What is it that they have not given us? They have a reliable console with plenty of games that has a free online service. I also can play HD movies and stream audio/video from my PC and the new PSN Store is offering much more in terms of quality content. Looks to me like you're an impatient person that looks at it as though the cup is half empty rather than half full. Or perhaps your a troll looking to start a fight and know nothing about what you speak of...

Tarasque3925d ago

Well i play more online game's myself. I would prefer to have more online feature's other than home. Don't get me wrong home will be cool. But i am with TresTrendu i want in game XMB and chat and messaging first. And i don't really watch movie's on my ps3, i can't handle paying 30 bucks for a movie when i can get it half the price and upconvert it. So until blu-ray movie's come down i will stay away (Can't Afford it). And actually i have allready had to send my ps3 in for repair's quit reading disc the first 2 month's i had it =(. And far as the PSN store goes i am so glad they changed the interface. But there still way's away from getting good content, Movie's, Show's, and free arcade title's and such. But it will be coming eventually......I will be still waiting.

Elginer3925d ago

was it really that bad?