Soul Calibur IV Tournament Kit Revealed Most Disappointing

PS3fanboy was hoping for a totally awesome Soul Calibur IV package when they heard they had a "tournament kit" ready for consumption with the limited edition release? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it seems the secret tourney item has been revealed. It's a bracket card. Yep. A card and nothing more.

What is interesting is the varied t-shirt content with the game. PS3 owners will get a black shirt featuring Darth Vader and Mitsurugi, whereas the 360 owners get a white shirt with Yoda and Siegfried. Both shirts only come in size XL, because come on, what's the stereotype for video gamers? That's right -- we all love Star Wars, too. Don't be rude.

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DFresh3830d ago

I'll special order to see if they have this shirt in a 2XL but I love the new SC4 Pack for the PS3.
PS3 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!