Activision Officially Launches Call of Duty: Ghosts Companion App

AppsGoer writes:"Activision has released a companion app for Call of Duty: Ghosts right in time for its release on Windows, PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 tomorrow (with the PS4 and Xbox One versions set to release later in the month as launch titles for their respective consoles). The app serves several purposes, all of which work hand-in-hand with the CoD: Ghosts."

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Lubu1834d ago

No mention for Android :(

itsRehabTime1834d ago

more than likely they have done a rockstar and taken money of apple to delay it

nukeitall1833d ago

No mention for Windows Phone :(

sdozzo1834d ago

I like the idea of pulling up stats etc

Mikelarry1834d ago

Any game that releases a companion app for iphone but not andriod I tend to not bother with downloading it when they do release it

bigchaz1833d ago

I followed the link and am downloading it for android right now