Dragon’s Crown and Shin Megami tensei IV Atlus Sale

Never picked up Dragon's Crown or Shin Megami Tensei IV? Now's your chance!

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Protagonist1810d ago

Would love to get my hands on that Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Concertoine1810d ago

it's pretty good. i'm surprised they got away with such deep religious undertones for a nintendo exclusive, especially after nintendo refused binding of isaac for the same reasons.

thehobbyist1810d ago

To be fair Binding of Isaac kind of screamed "Christianity is bad." Especially with the intro cinematic detailing how a mother tried to kill her child because God told her to while she watching Christian television. It wasn't nearly as blunt in SMT IV.

sdozzo1810d ago

$10 savings on Dragon's Crown. Wanted to play it for a while but still too much. If it was on PC it would be $9.99

Neckbear1810d ago

What, do you know how much work and effort went into every bit of Dragon's Crown? The extensive amount of content it has? It isn't just a tryhard indie game made in flash; it's a complete, extensive adventure with tons of replay value and production values worthy of an AAA title.

worldwidegaming1810d ago

Chill out. If you did some research you would notice some really great games normally $49.99 on sale for $9.99!
A sale is a sale!
AAA? Not worthy but very fun and enjoyable!
Paying full price for it is money well spent!

I do not worry about companies anymore because of how many of them mistreat their staff. Administration rules the roost!

sdozzo1809d ago

I don't mean that the game is a $10 game. I meant that the pricing would be more competitive when it went on sale.

Rockefellow1810d ago

Yes, because Dragon's Crown is on par with some awful flash game or 2 hour platformer made by some kids in their basement on Steam.


sdozzo1809d ago

Calling someone an idiot doesn't make sense. I respect studios and the work they do. I'm simply saying it's hard to compete with the PC market when it comes to pricing. Great games on consoles and handhelds but to get excited about $10 off is a joke.

DCfan1810d ago

No, because DC is not your typical 2D game you'll see on steam.

sdozzo1809d ago

And I never said it was. I was simply referring to the competitive market of pricing when comparing PC and console/handheld games. I'm sure it is a very nice game but I don't have anything against the game or design. Just that $10 is nothing. If you or I really wanted a game $10 is negligible, we'd still buy it. But taking 50-75% off would move some serious software.

LoaMcLoa1810d ago

Dragon's Crown is such a masterpiece! I recommend every RPG-player to play it

miyamoto1810d ago

100% agree

Dragon's Crown is so much fun. Its old school and new school at the same time. Easy to Play Difficult to Master.

You get the Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Guardian Heroes, Panzer Bandit, Code of Princess, Final Fight, Double Dragon, Guilty Gear vibe when playing it.

Playing the PS3 version at Infernal difficulty.

dead_pixels1810d ago

I feel the same way. And I love the subtle nods to Golden Axe and the Dungeons & Dragons beat 'em ups throughout. I only wish there were a few more stages to keep things fresh, but other than that it's a true masterpiece.

Drithe1810d ago

Dragon's Crown is so much fun. It is hands down the greatest side scroller fighter ever. Not even close.

Misaka_x_Touma1810d ago

Still haven't beaten SMTIV yet but I am almost finished just that Pokemon Y taken all the play time.

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