PS Vita System Update 3.00 Coming Soon

From PS Blog: Hi everyone! We’re releasing a new system software update for PS Vita, version 3.00. This update includes some great features, like a new application called PS4 Link, which — you guessed it — allows PS Vita to connect to PS4 for Remote Play and Second Screen capabilities. We’re thrilled for everyone to see how PS Vita will be the ultimate companion device to PS4 through this application.

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Regis1810d ago

Yay! Can't wait to Download this update

ohiostatesman1810d ago ShowReplies(12)
JoGam1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Cant wait either. Its the first step to Greatness. NOV 15TH Can't come fast enough.

kayoss1810d ago

My wife called me and ask me to go home early but didnt tell me why. I got home and the first thing she did was handed me her ps vita. I was like what the hell. All she said was, "update to 3.00".

Harkins17211810d ago

@Ohio No one cares to hear what you have to say. Everyone knows the 3DS is selling very well. This is about the PS Vita. And we want PS Vita stuff you tard.

kidhero991810d ago

Remote play only for selective titles? Not mandatory?

SynGamer1810d ago

I believe they have to say select titles because obviously titles that heavily use the MOVE controls will not work on the Vita. Last I heard, almost all PS4 games will feature remote play.

kidhero991810d ago

That's not what Sid was implying here.

Harkins17211810d ago

Exactly. Because the tech is hardware based not software.

pwnsause_returns1810d ago

Games that use the PS Move, or Use the PS camera for Gameplay are lifted from the requirement, and for obvious reasons.

SynGamer1810d ago

Looking forward to Content Manager over home wifi, that will be nice to finally have.

SynGamer1810d ago

A 'disagree' for liking an improved feature? Oh you N4G kids are funny :D

kB01810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Don't worry I agreed :) That must have been a troll, they tend to wander off sometimes and end up in an intelligent conversation.

They leave when ignored!

GdaTyler1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Don't mind them, happens to me all the time.

OT: I really, really hope this feature is an incentive for people to buy a Vita, so sales improve.

Omegasyde1810d ago

I agree, now I don't need to physically connect to computer.

kB01810d ago

Finally an Epic update, I am actually just as excited for the update as I am for the actual ps4.

I need to get an enthernet cord pulled through for remote play!

Harkins17211810d ago

I wait for the day that 64GB memory cards are cheap!

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The story is too old to be commented.