PS3 Web Browser First Look

Sony's been throwing a PS3 fest here in New York and along with Gawker's video guru, Richard Blakeley, gave us a first hand look at the PS3's web browser interface. Typing URLs with the controller is somewhat clunky as you can see from the video itself, but it'll let you open up to 6 different browser windows simultaneously and then tile them so you can see them all at once. Our compatriots at Kotaku also shot some videos of the PS3's picture and movie browser, the latter which displays animated thumbnails of each clip you have stored on the PS3.

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kmis874459d ago

It's cool how the controller works with the web browser, but I can only see myself using a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to use this.

Reed-4459d ago

What i really want is for the ps3 to be able to view youtube videos online.

lalaland4458d ago

YouTube's mediaplayer is based on Flash and the PS3 browser has a Flash-plugin builtin, so YouTube will in all likelyhood work!

andy capps4459d ago

That browser actually looks really sweet. Hopefully I'll be able to load Firefox on the Linux portion of the hard drive as I'll probably use that if I'll be on there for an extended amount of time. Also, hopefully they'll enable bluetooth keyboard and mouse as I really don't want to be sitting within a few feet of my HDTV, just not good for the eyes. Last of all, I want that Bravia...

BIadestarX4459d ago

That would be cool; but something tells me Sony is not going to let people simply install applications on the PS3. That would be cool though.

Siesser4459d ago

The lady says in the video that you can use a bluetooth keyboard, and I'd assume, mouse.

shikwan4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

I'm really wondering now what safety features are implemented in their web browser. I don't see or hear anything about parental control. Will you be able to access ANY website-like the PC? If so, that's not good. Viruses, pop-ups, child predators, porn...oh my!

It's a cool feature though, but seems a little outdated cause there's no tabbed browsing.

THWIP4458d ago

...and ONE of the reasons MS decided not to include the browser on the 360.
I'd say this browser will be very restrictive, with little-to-no customization of settings available to the user. Can you imagine the backlash Sony would get, if parents started reporting that their 13 y.o. boys were caught looking at porn on their GAMING CONSOLE?! That's the real issue here. With over 200 million consoles sold worldwide with the first 2 PS consoles, Sony has to consider that they are by-and-large considered a GAMING company, and not a PC company. Most parents won't even be AWARE that the PS3 will have browsing capabilities. Sony has to recognize that fact, and be proactive and responsible in protecting the consumer's interests. If this browser doesn't have auto-blocking censors for questionable content, Sony will be looking at the largest class action lawsuit in history.

andy capps4458d ago

Most parents will already have a PC if they can afford to spend $600.00 on a gaming console. If they have a PC, access to the internet is already there so if a kid wants to look at porn, it's no different. I see your point about having safeguards built in, but I don't see how Sony would be responsible. Should parents be responsible if their kid looks at porn using Internet Explorer? No, it's their fault for not supervising their kids and telling them what they can't look at.

THWIP4457d ago

Most parents won't KNOW the PS3 can surf the web. They'll just know that they bought the PS2 for their kid, and now the PS3 is coming out. You can't blame a parent for not safeguarding against the unexpected.

12Volt4458d ago

Umm... tabbed browsing and tile switching = same difference.

Youtube? Umm... its a WEB Browser.

Yeah Blade the PS3 OS is locked so you can't install anything on it - I'm sure it'll support many media formats so you wont have to install anything for the web browsing aspect.

As for installing programs games, get the linux yellow dog, (I'm sure a User's edition will be out in a few months) so you can install games and whatever you want.