PS Vita sales on the rise, but Sony's game business still flagging

Sony's losses greatened for the second quarter of the current fiscal year, the company admitted today, due in part to its video game business swinging to losses year-over-year.

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Ares84HU3380d ago

Awesome system. Can't wait to see how it works together with the PS4. People should buy this because hands down this is the best handheld on the market right now.

It just needs more killer games.

0ut1awed3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

*Best handheld system EVER on the market.

Fixed that for you. I know some might disagree but isn't handheld gaming all about giving you full scale console couch gaming on the go? If so nothing has done it as good as the Vita does.

Protagonist3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

*Best handheld system EVER on the market.

Said this from the beginning. NO dedicated handheld gaming gadget has been better.

ohiostatesman3380d ago

I kept saying this before that Sony was doing very poorly still but people just kept calling me a troll just for posting the truth. Why are these people so upset over the truth. It's like they want to hide from it or run away. Face your fears.

0ut1awed3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

And what does that have to do with the comment you specifically replied to?

And also let me quote the article...

"Although Sony's game business posted losses, it was the company's Devices and Pictures divisions that really did the damage, with notable hits to their respective operating incomes."

It's no secret that they have been doing nothing but playing catch up since the 360 launched with the PS3. That is obviously about to change with this next gen.

A lot of the reports are apparently from PS4 production cost too. Obviously they will be making their fully money back and then some very very soon.

Think very carefully before you respond. I see you only have one more bubble of your two bubbles left. I think the reasoning is already pretty apparent.

theDivision3380d ago

I agree with this statement. The ability to play any full fledged PS4 game (Hoping this is as true as sony has been saying) is something that really tilted the scales when deciding which console to choose.

CanadianTurtle3380d ago

Best handheld system on the market? I'm sorry, but that is a bold statement. A great system without a good amount of games means NOTHING.

Don't get me wrong, I think the Vita has several great titles, but definitely not enough for me to warrant a purchase.

Hicken3380d ago

@CanadianTurtle: Great games is subjective, but I'm of the opinion that the Vita's library is more than resplendent enough to make it the best handheld on the market.

iceman063380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

@CanadianTurtle...not to disrespect your opinion, but the Vita has over 400 (as of Oct. of this year) titles available in it's various territories. I find it hard that you wouldn't find enough variety in that line of games to play. To say that it doesn't have a "good amount of games" is just not true. Maybe it doesn't have enough games that appeal to YOU...but it has plenty of games.

meganick3380d ago

"Best handheld system EVER on the market."

Vita's a nice piece of tech with a pretty decent library so far, but in terms of sheer quantity of great games, nothing really beats the GBA. You could even argue the DS.

0ut1awed3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

Sure the GBA had a lot of good games and I totally agree that it was a awesome portable.

Like I originally said though, portable gaming seems to be all about giving the player the closest thing to a console experience.

GBA launched the same year as the first Xbox. Did you ever see anything resembling anything near what the Xbox was capable of on the GBA? Nope.

Yet here I am on the Vita playing Killzone with the same engine that the last Killzone console game launched with. Same thing with Uncharted. I have never seen another portable come anywhere near as close to a console counterpart as what the Vita has been able to do. That's what makes it the best handheld system ever IMO.

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Blastoise3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

Some pretty big hitters are on the horizon. God Eater 2, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Tearaway, Freedom Wars, Gravity Rush 2 ect.

All those plus PS Vita TV, PS4 remote-play and the new more affordable model I don't think the Vita's ever been in a better position than it is now.

The Vita really is an incredible system. Sales may not be great but the fact it did as well as it did during the months the 3DS got Pokemon and Monster Hunter 4 show the Vita can surely only be on the rise

Personally I find myself looking forward to a new Vita game every other day.

Long live the Vita!

TheFirstClassic3379d ago

Gravity Rush 2 has a lot of potential to be amazing, the original was a flawed gem. If they can fix those flaws, we will have quite an amazing game on our hands.

miyamoto3380d ago

"It just needs more killer games."

killer games that appeal to a wider audience like the PSOne did. not just hardcore gamers but the younger 19 and down.
make games with iconic characters and mass appeal

the ps vita should handle this while the ps4 handle the hardcore gamers

iceman063380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

I think that the games are there. They are just not the traditional retail only games. The Vita has games spread all over the place from retail to PSN to PS mobile. The most important thing for Sony to do is to really advertise the system. I think that they will probably do what they did with the PSP and have a new campaign after the PS4 rush. When they did it with PSP, and the price drop, they ended up selling like crazy. People just need to know more about it, what it can do (remote play with PS4), and what games it has.

Soldierone3380d ago

I am enjoying my Vita more than I ever enjoyed my PSP to be honest. That and the only thing really keeping me on my PS4 pre-order is the streaming abilities to my Vita. If I had no Vita, I would have already said screw it simply because I'm broke as hell just before the holidays.

ABizzel13380d ago

I agree, the PlayStation Vita is much better than the PSP ever was. I liked my PSP, but it didn't get nearly the amount of use my PS Vita has in these couple of years (PS+ is also part of the reason).

I'm ready for the Vita to enter it's golden years of gaming (Year 2 - 5), and I can't wait to see what devs. brings out for the Vita. PS Vita TV should help fluff sales once it launches in Japan, and get sales booming once it launches everywhere.

GdaTyler3380d ago

For some reason I think Vita TV would ACTUALLY sells up to two million in one year in the US. The Vita needs this because it is struggling in the US. It has only sold 300K in 2013. I can see people murdering the Vita TV sales in the West. ^_^

jujubee883380d ago

For some reason, I'm enjoying VITA even more these days than usual. Could just be because it's winter and it's chilly as balls outside. lol

Protagonist3380d ago

Or because it has so many awesome games ;))

Tearaway coming soon too.

GentlemenRUs3380d ago

As I'm from the UK, I have to wait till the 29th to get my hands on the PS4... But Tearaway will keep me company between the 22nd and the 29th :P

qu1ckset3380d ago

I would buy the vita if the vita slim was launched here in North America already no way id buy the first gen one knowing the slim is around the corner!

nope1113380d ago

The new model uses a different screen which doesn't look a good as the original's OLED screen btw.

Return_of_the_Mack3379d ago

Other than that, its better in every other way

nevin13380d ago

You people are nuts for saying Vita is better than PSP. Not a chance. If we're going by games, than clearly PSP wins by a wide margin.

Otoshigamisama3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

Okay then if you say that PSP had a wide marigin of games what more for the vita? no disrespect on your opinion man but let me clarify something PS vita library not only includes ps vita games but PSP via digital and Ps classics so what is your point then?Not to mention the only reason that the library is not big for many people who expect too much from it is that many ps vita games and I mean many ps vita games are in Japan, like I said no disrespect but I think it has a very huge library than psp

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