Kotaku: The Bourne Conspiracy Impressions

Kotaku reports:
''I'm sure by now most of you are familiar with the genius cell phone PR stunt that Sierra threw together for the upcoming Bourne Conspiracy game. While it was cool, the real question is, how was the game? I met with some of the developers from High Moon Studios to check out the game being played and get some explanation of was all about.

The Bourne Conspiracy is somewhat an amalgamation of the three Bourne films although the books are used as reference pretty heavily. You'll find no Matt Damon character models here! They really wanted to make this as entrenched in the Bourne lore as possible and as such there is very little gunplay involved. You must rely on your McGuyver like wits to help you make your way through the game, using the things you can find around you and your trusty fists to their greatest use. Remember that pen stabbing scene?''

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