On Xbox One and PS4's Resolutiongate, and Day One Patches

This week on Sessler's ...Something, Adam discusses the next-gen hot button issue of the week: resolutiongate. What do we think of the PS4/Xbox One resolution disparity in COD Ghosts, and what does it mean for the next generation? Plus, what does Adam think of day one patches?

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allformats1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Sessler, Resolutiongate is Xbox One, not PS4. And then he downplays next-gen needing to be 1080p/60fps.

He downplays PS4's power,too.

Xbox fandboy to the core, Sessler.

black0o1813d ago

they can downply it all they want .. in 10 days lucky NA gamers gonna tell

xHeavYx1813d ago

Isn't it funny that the video ends promoting the One and a future interview with Phil Spencer?

s8anicslayer1813d ago

Nothing worse than a bonafide fanboy who happens to be a journalist who pretends to be neutral.

Ju1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

I like how he even dodges the "720" question... now it's called "upres"ed resolution...hey, hint, Crysis3 runs "upresed" to 1080p on my PS3. Hey, it still is 720p. Get over it.

Sessler lost all credibility. I thought he is a honest voice. He's not. Hypocrite at the finest.

It amazes me how people come out of their corners and go all out telling us that all of a sudden resolution doesn't matter. Damn, I want 1080. I am a mature customer stop f...king with me. Seriously.

badz1491813d ago

THIS will be the norm from the so called journalist this gen! I've seen THIS coming since the 720p rumor was true! now, resolution doesn't matter!

xHeavYx1812d ago

I just found this video, at the 1:36 mark he says games should run at 60fps 1080p

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awesomeisjayell1813d ago

why do you sony guys insist on calling people fanboys ? i'm getting a X1 and PS4 does that make me a fanboy too? just give it a rest and get a life.

fenome1813d ago

Even if you're just getting one or the other, that still doesn't make anybody a fanboy. There're fanboys on all sides, and trust me, it's not just the "Sony guys" calling people fanboys. It's all in how you compose yourself, and if you can acknowledge the facts, even if they don't coincide with your system of choice.

xHeavYx1813d ago

If you say that you don't know what console to get Watch Dogs for, even though one of the versions comes with additional 60 mins of gameplay, if you say you prefer the 360 over the PS3, if you say that resolution doesn't matter, if you bitch like a little kid who doesn't get candy when you are told you won't get a free PS4, that's when you are a fanboy

black0o1813d ago

didnt u just called us fanboys ur self !!

Omegasyde1813d ago

Your not a fanboy but Sessler is straight Xbox1.

What's the point of new consoles coming out and can't reach higher limits in graphics?

If graphic's didn't matter why come out with new consoles. I user to respect Sessler too.

ArmrdChaos1813d ago

When you go out of your way to either infer or tell someone what the "right" choice is for THEM you could be considered as such. It is amusing how many on this site rely on such things. It's as if they can't help themselves.

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neocores1813d ago

Hes mad becuz he did not get a free ps4 i use to watch all his stuff now he gets the middle finger

Cloudyday711813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Me and Adam Sessler share a love of all things Xbox. But as a 'journalist' he is supposed to be objective. So when I hear him downplaying the PS4 on one hand I love it (because gamers have give Sony a free ride this year) but on the other hand I hate it because he is letting his personal preference for the new Xbone affect his professionalism.

His anti-Sony rumors last week turned out to be hot air - I admit I was hoping there was some substance too them but there really wasn't. He just wanted to receive his free PS4 early and got upset when he was told he had to wait! How entitled can you get. I used to enjoy watching his shows but I can't stand to look at his odd face because he has taken games journalism into the mud and stomped all over it.

He is a disgrace to the industry.

OrangePowerz1813d ago

Well free ride.

Sony got a lot of shit in the early years for PS3. Some was valid like arrogant and stupid statements before and during the PS3 launch. Some wasn`t like PS3 has no gamez carrying well into the console generation when games like Uncharted 2 came already out and some other very good exclusives when MS already started ignoring the core audience. At that time the Xbox crowed started going on about the exclusive indie games the 360 had and those are the same people who go on about the PS4 having now plenty of indie games but a few less AAA games and making fun about the console for that.

This year there is nothing to fault Sony for in regards to gaming. Despite launching a new console they still release good exclusives this year and in regards to TLoU one of the best games this generation. Sure some of the multimedia features fall short compared to the Xbone, but we talk about GAMING consoles and I can`t think of anything that Sony did wrong in that department this year.

iceman061813d ago

Gamers gave Sony a free ride? Really!?!? How about Sony finally earned back the consumer trust. They have just been hitting all of the right notes. In comparison to MS, it has been a veritable symphony. This is no fault of Sony. It is MS that made it so easy for gamers to rally around one and beat up another.
As for Sess...well he has always leaned toward MS. I don't fault him for it. But I DO agree, that as a supposedly "unbiased" journalist, he owes more to the industry. I wouldn't go so far as to call him a disgrace. But, I would say that he needs to be far more objective and see things for what they really opposed to what he wants people to believe.

Omegasyde1813d ago

Sessler use to be cool but he is showing his bias even before either console releases.

If he states resolutions and FPS don't matter, he should keep his ps3/xbox 360. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

fenome1813d ago

I know right, I was hoping he was gonna redeem himself after getting his panties in bunch and throwin' a little b*tch-fit on twitter. No such luck.

TheStorm1813d ago

What did he do on Twitter? I must of missed that.

thehitman1813d ago

TBH I dont know why he is blaming the major publishers, Sony and MS. It wasnt them that put it in everyone heads. It was insecure PC gamers that claim that next-gen should be at least 1080p @ 60fps standard like they all game on that setting on max, which is a complete lie. PC elitist started propaganda against consoles before they released and now its become this big thing. Now its just fuel to the console war when one system seems to be greatly under achieving.

Nick_5151813d ago

I'm just going to assume that he's trying to keep the field level by not letting the Xbox hate get TOO out of hand. I never really remember him as super biased towards Microsoft. It just seems like he, kind of, roots for the underdog. Greg Miller has been trying to do the same, lately, as well, even though, he's obviously pro-PlayStation. It does get a little annoying when they try to do this, but I try to ignore it. Nobody is ever going to agree with everything I like. For instance, I'm more Sony for gaming, but when it comes to PCs and phones, I'm mostly all Microsoft (Windows and Windows Phone). Not many people fall into that category, obviously, but I just have to /try/ ignore it when people try to bash what I think is a more quality purchase.

SkippyPaccino1813d ago

To be fair, he was live streaming resogun on his channel on the same day he posted this video. Plus he seemed to enjoy every minute of it ...I think every american media is always going to be a little bias towards M$, but if Sony regains the popularity that it enjoyed during the early years, well then the media will switch once more......

I watched most of his vids and they all seem pretty fair to me...Better then his days on g4tv

DevilishSix1813d ago

Mr. Sessler you disappoint me, you are obviously now just a sell out and are bought and paid for. No need to expect objective journalism from this guy going forward.

NateCole1813d ago

It really is amazing how the gaming media is giving MS a pass on this. I remember everyone bashing Sony and the PS3 for cell/bluray and costing more for less performance compare to the x360 on multiplats.

Suddenly it does not matter this time around.

We are talking about 2 times the pixels here out of the gate on multiplat. It is huge.

Soc51813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

I don't know he was pretty harsh on them (MS) at the reveal

AngelicIceDiamond1813d ago

@All So a guy being realistic and sensible makes him a fanboy.

The funny thing is he isn't down playing anything. He simply stating it comes down to the games ultimately and not the hardware.

A super raging Sony fan calling this guy a fanboy is very humorous (that makes me laugh)

If that's the case then he wouldn't have his own website, supporters, ad revenue other employees, props and likes, recommendations, review copy's of games if he's a fanboy that you scream.

He may have his preferences (who doesn't) but hes not a fanboy just because he's finding some realistic reasoning behind the resolution war between the two.

Point is fanboys don't become well known journalist. Journalist just like in other media need to a have a neutral ground.

LiQuiZoN1812d ago

We hardcore, we know,. We know what Microsoft buys. It comes with awesomeness of a 200bil dollar company talking to you. They buy you over time with exclusive reveals and free hardware/software, BUT WE ARE GAMERS! We Know!
We are the single smartest and informed group of consumers driving the planet. We are next age information exchanges. We know the game and we devour those who try to deceive us. Do you know why?

Because We are Gamers! The (positive) talk won't work anymore. We see it for what it is.

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Mr_cheese1813d ago

Almost paid attention till I realised its a sessler article

Snookies121813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

I used to love this guy. Though over the years, I started to realize more and more that he was kind of biased. Leaning more toward Microsoft. Not that I have an issue with people who prefer MS. Just that guys in this business should have a love for all gaming consoles, and not let their bias affect their judgement.

Rhaigun1813d ago

I used to watch him on XPlay. That is, until he said Bioware made his favorite Xbox game, Knights of the Old Republic 2. Which we all know Obsidian made. He couldn't even remember who made his 'favorite' game.

InTheLab1813d ago

He also still thinks the ps4 costs the same as an X1 when you add the cost of ps+ and the optional camera.

I'm glad people are finally realizing how big a fanboy Sessler is. Those of you that are familiar with Feedback know what he's about.

No wonder he didn't get a review console.

Godhimself_In_3d1813d ago

So true because in sessler's world Xbox live is free.

OhReginald1813d ago

.....sessler what the hell happened to you man....its like you are brain dead now.