Gran Turismo 6 Complete Car List Revealed - There's "only" 1,197 of 'em, not the claimed 1,200!

VVV: "We all knew Gran Turismo 6's car roster would be huge, and GT developer Polyphony Digital certainly hasn't disappointed us with just how many motors will be featured in 2013's last major racing game release.

However, there's been a bit of fibbery in the official press release: Polyphony claims "over 1,200" will be present in GT6, whereas we can only find 1,197 in our many tally chart checks of the official list."

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pwnsause_returns1811d ago

Yea.,,that's because the other 3 are a secret.... If senna does make an appearance in the game, then that means the mp4-4 is in there...

MastaMold1811d ago

Add in DLC cars and there will be more than 1,200

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DanielGearSolid1811d ago

Xperia Z ! Love this phone!

ohiostatesman1811d ago

There are like 100 nissan skylines in the game. Not alot of variety.

SoapShoes1811d ago

^ I see you trolling around a lot...

Bathyj1811d ago

"Not alot of variety."

Like your comment history.

kayoss1811d ago

Yep 100 skyline in the game but that's less then 10% of the total number of cars. You have 1100 more to choose from. Are you going to tell me you're going to drive every single one of them? I've been playing gt since it came out and I can tell you that I've collected most of them but I've never use more than 100 of them.

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Vojkan1811d ago

They can have 5000 for all I care. Cars in GT have horrible sound, and that bouncing of the wall crap while hitting 200mph, no thanks.


Steven211811d ago

Also I entirely disagree with the sound part. I have a 98 Type R Civic and in GT5 the sound was dead on. I could mistake it f my car starting up. Granted I had driven a very select number of cars in 5 and the only recognizable one was mine because I heard it every day but the point is the cars do seem to sound nearly identical to their counterparts

GentlemenRUs1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I'll be getting DC yeah but that's not why people like GT...

The reason is...


Not all car games needs destruction... Urgh...

solidboss071811d ago

Indeed, it isn't Demolition Derby. Learn to drive, and the experience more than makes up for mediocre crash physics.

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lsujester1811d ago

I'm sure they can find a few more versions of a Nissan Skyline to put in there. /s

LEOPARD10301811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

GT6 with climatic change, cycle day-night and in the space. Amazing !

Steven211811d ago


dumahim1811d ago

Due to ownership issues, getting the rights are probably a bigger pain than it's worth.

RevXM1811d ago

Probalby like dumahim said.
SAAB was bought up by a company called NEVS just a little while ago and supposedly they are starting up the production of 9-3 again soon.

Ares84HU1811d ago

OH MY's not 1200 as promised but 1197. NO BUY because of this!!!!!!/s

Who cares, really??

I won't buy it though, not on PS4 so not for me anymore. Guess I have to wait till GT7.

grashopper1811d ago

Maybe they could have read what it says at the top of the car list.

"* This list is one part of the cars planned for inclusion, and is subject to change."

Sounds like the list isn't quite finished.

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