Call Of Duty US Midnight Launch Details

Where to Buy the game from Midnight in the US

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Ares84HU1901d ago

I think most people are already in line. Hahahahahaha

GentlemenRUs1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

After reading the Steam Discussion section, CoD is flopping hard!

Check for yourself!

joe901901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

I have just stopped playing as i have to be up for taking my kid to school in 4 hours but love it so far. Still a bit new to me as i am running around not knowing the maps, (which is natural to any MP game at first)

My review would be no use to anyone as i am still learning the maps and couldn't tell you which way is what.

I will review the Engine (Changed dramatically) even though everyone says it's the same without even playing it, moving iron sights is a lot more tasking, jumping round a corner full force without losing drop momentum has gone (mid air you are screwed against a stationary shooter), there is no dolphin and running seems to be a lot stiffer but rewarding on corner shots. Hit detection has changed a lot, it is no longer random hits, if your cross hair isn't on the body you will not ge the hit. Running is better because you are not going 100% speed compared to previous CoD game untill you max out your perks. It requires a lot more skill and pacing..Running and gunning does not work like before. The maps are huge compared to many previous CoD maps and running through the middle Gun-Ho will be your worst idea. With destructible walls,buildings,gameplay pieces it plays a massive part in where you strike next. hide under a petrol station......bye..Someone just threw an IED at one of the weak points and crushed you.

The weapons at the moment are not balanced i admit that. been dominated by a Vector from sniping distance is god damn annoying. I found an Assault Class which suites me fine at the moment which works well at long and short battles. Although that Vector still dominates.

The map setups feel more like MW2 than any other CoD i have played. The perks and weapons point system is good as you can not make every class equal. If you have bought the best weapon on create class you cant use it on another, you have to keep playing to earn points to have it in 2 classes.

Now to the map layout. There is so many jumpable objects yet so many not. It will take a few hours of playing to learn what you can and can't jump as the maps are so big and eventful you think every wheely bin and barrel is there for you.Sometimes not as i have been chopped down thinking why one ledge is but another isn't.

Score 7/10 but loving the game. This is an early review of the multiplayer due to not knowing the maps. Give me another week and i will review again. with full details on how i have progressed.

I hope you respect my review as i play all CoD games to the highest prestiges i can and after learing the "Steeper" learning curve that CoD usually is i am sure my review will go to an 8/8.5 ut of 10.

refocusedman1901d ago

I dont think that CoD is going to rate as well as it normally does. It seems abnormally quite for the day prior to launch. Wheres the hype??????

coolbeans1901d ago

It's only apropos of the CoD: Ghosts hype machine to be occurring in the shadows. Watching and waiting for the right opportunity to show themselves.


ScubaSteve11901d ago

some people actually camped out for this

PSnation41901d ago

past cod titles lines were very long at my gamestop location.. tonight there was barely a line

joe901901d ago

LOL You don't leave that basement don't lie.