New Echochrome Screens shows how hard it is

Either you've already played the Japanese demo or you're about to play the American one, doesn't matter, Echocrome's teaser levels make things look easy. Pedestrian. As though the dev team came up with a neat concept, but couldn't think of ways to really push it. Yeah, no, that's WRONG. Look at these new screens. These later, harder levels are built for one purpose: to take your mental ass, wine it, dine it, then kick it.

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himdeel3856d ago

...just got pushed up to a 11/10 :)

cokzilla233849d ago

downloaded the demo yesterday and it was quite a delight. i was really stuck on the 3rd stage but managed to figure it out after some trial and error. cant wait to see what else is in store with the full game.