RockPaperShotgun- The Typing Of Dead: Overkill Review

RPS:I didn’t enjoy this shock sequel to The Typing of the Dead, a 2000 (on PC) reworking of arcade and console on-rails shooter The House of the Dead 2, in which you killed zombies by correctly typing on-screen words at them reallyreallyreally quickly instead of waving around a plastic lightgun. It was and is the greatest concept for a videogame ever – that delectably weird disconnect between diligently rote-typing oridinary but unpredictable words and the extreme violence of zombie massacre. The Typing Of The Dead: Overkill is its sequel, and also a similar modification of 2009 Wii on-rails shooter The House Of The Dead: Overkill, which used grindhouse movies rather than Resident Evil-esque survival horror as its basis. This was my first experience of Overkill, and I’m afraid I couldn’t find a single thing to like about it.

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